Racing line and Corner Cutting is Le Mans - Circuit de 24 Heures

"The 24 Hours of Le Mans (French: 24 Heures du Mans) is the world's oldest active sports car race in endurance racing, held annually since 1923 near the town of Le Mans, France." - Wikipedia

Lemans overview

Lemans Overview

This is also often the most profitable race In Real Racing 3. 80% of the track involves high speed straight, while the rest are mixture of normal to moderately sharp curve. Top speed is important, while cornering ability is also useful to keep the momentum high.

For fastest lap, corner cutting skills also important. For this you will need to turn Traction Control (TC) OFF, Steering Assist (SA) completely OFF and Brake Assist (BA) OFF too.

Here are some of sketches that I made in regards to few important corners in this race.

Dunlop Chicane

4 alternatives ways in corner cutting with black line being the most stable.


Dunlop Chicane - Tonic8080

Esses (edit needed)


Esses - Tonic8080

Tertre Rouge (edit needed)


Tertre Rouge - Tonic8080

Mulsanne 1

In RR3, you can cut some off-track portion without getting speed reduction.


Mulsanne 1

Mulsanne 2

Green line is the best line. However sometimes some cars will block the way.

There are alternative lines. Black line is corner cutting. While blue line is going wide.


Mulsanne 2 - Tonic8080

Mulsanne 3


Mulsanne 3 - Tonic8080

Green line is the best line here. 

However when got other cars on the way, you can go for alternative red (corner cutting), or black (going wide).

End of Mulsanne


End of Mulsanne - Tonic8080

  After a long straight, you will arrive at Indianapolis and Arnage.

Brake adequately and early.

Both lines are good depends on if any other car on the track. 



Arnage - Tonic8080

Here is an important part if you want to do corner cutting

Green line is the normal no-off-track line.

Orange line is moderate corner cutting, while red line is more corner cutting.

Red line can be fast but will need to really stable or your car would skid.

Porsche Curves

Screen Shot 2017-05-20 at 10.33.04 AM

Porsche Curves

Overtaking cars in Porsche Curves need experience.

You have to know where the other car is heading and braking. Avoid crashing into other cars. Your racing line here would have to depend on if there any other car on the track.

If you are in doubt, just stay relatively near to the middle of the road.

Ford Chicanes


Ford Chicanes - Tonic8080

Here is another important corner to cut. Executing it properly and you can overtakes most difficult opponent.

TC OFF, BA OFF, SA OFF. Going on a near-straight line.

Caution on hitting some wall / barrier here.

That's it! Race on!

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My farming car MP4-X

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