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How do I edit pages for Special Events?

Many people have asked for information on how to edit, the quick answer was to use source mode, this guide is a move detailed answer to that question.

This information is an evolution of User_blog:Kuzz/How do I edit pages for Racing series? and User blog:RR3 Michael P/How do I edit pages for Racing series?

Desktop or mobile

There are two main editing options, depending on the device used: desktop or mobile.


Desktop mode is based on a skin called Oasis, this is the default view for the RR3 Wikia. Edit buttons HowToEdit Edit.PNG or HowToEdit Editv2.PNG can be pressed, normally with a mouse, or on mobile devices, the Oasis view can be requested,

HowToEdit ViewFullSite.PNG

either by going into the device/app setting and requesting desktop view, or by navigating to the bottom of the page and selecting View Full Site

Mobile / Portable Devices

HowToEdit MercurySkin.PNG

Article pages default to Mercury view:

  • Articles, Blog posts, Categories and File pages
  • Not displayed: Anything else (Special pages, MediaWiki pages, Templates…)
HowToEdit EditIcon.png

Press edit icon

Different Edit Options

There are two possible editors used by, visual view and classic editor, view these help pages, which include videos on how to edit:

HowToEdit Visual.PNG

The default editor, for Oasis desktop, will be in Visual view mode, this is fine to edit text. This editor is not recommended for data templates, used to enter data, which will show as jigsaw pieces. Although it is possible to hover over a jigsaw piece select it and edit, this isn't recommended.

The recommended way to enter data is to select sauce view, the data will become clear:
Visual Editor, click the drop-down icon and click [ ] Souce Editor

Visual Editor

Desktop Source Editor: Click Souce tab

HowToEdit Source.PNG

Mobile Mercury Editor: The default editor is similar to the source editor.

HowToEdit MercuryEditor.PNG

Editors must sign in to edit

HowToEdit permission to edit.PNG

Explanation of Special Event Data

From v5.6 (November 2017) the challenge17 template has been introduced, changes from challenge16 to challenge17 is as follows:

  1. Updated: The layout of the circuit, variant, daylight and rolling start
  2. All parsers are now individually named

The changes were not backwards compatible, the new challenge template now has a year suffix 17, it accepts 14 elements of data, each separated using "|<name> =" in the following format:

Each element of data is now a named parser, making it easier for people to read, enter and edit the required data to build the special event page.

|Goal No=
|Rolling Start=
|Goal Description=
|R$ Reward=
|Fame Reward=
|Skip Cost=
|Recommended PR=
|Multi Goal No= 

{{H/challenge17}} is the heading for the table, use at the beginning of every template.

{{R/challenge17 This is the name of the template being used.

|Goal No= The goal number of the stage

|Event= Event name, e.g. Cup, Time Trial, Endurance etc. Event name can normally be abbreviated to the first two characters, or if two words the initials. e.g. au for autocross, ss for speed snap. Note: This is not case sensitive. Any errors will display in red. Event names can either be the full name or can be abbreviated, examples that can be used:

au = Autocross
cu = Cup
dr = Drag Race
tt = Time Trial
el = Elimination
en = Endurance
fe = Formula E
h2h = Head To Head
hu = Hunter
ss = Speed Snap
sr = Speed Record

|Circuit= e.g. Silverstone, Brands Hatch etc. Note: Any errors with track names or variants will display in red. This is not case sensitive. Any errors with track names or variants will display in red. Track names can either be the full name or can be abbreviated, examples that can be used:

monza = Autodromo Nazionale Monza
brands = Brands Hatch
cat = Circuit de Catalunya
spa = Circuit de Spa-Francorchamps
le mans = Circuit des 24 Heures
daytona = Daytona International Speedway
dubai = Dubai Autodrome
hock = Hockenheimring
hong = Formula E Hong Kong Circuit
indi = Indianapolis Motor Speedway
seca = Mazda Raceway Laguna Seca
mel = Melbourne
bathurst = Mount Panorama
nurburg = Nürburgring
porsche = Porsche Test Track
richmond = Richmond International Raceway
silverstone = Silverstone
suzuka = Suzuka Circuit

|Variant= This is the variant of the circuit the event is taking place on. If there's a section of the part being used such as Brands Hatch Indy Circuit you have to add "|Variant=Indy Circuit". If a whole circuit is being used such as Mount Panorama or Melbourne then the "|Variant=" is not required. Notes: This is not case sensitive. Any errors with track names or variants will display in red. Variant names can either be the full name or be abbreviated, examples that can be used:

club = Club Circuit
dynamic = Dynamic Circuit
east = East Circuit
gp = GP Circuit
grand prix = Grand Prix Circuit
hill = Hill Circuit
indy = Indy Circuit
international = International Circuit
junior = Junior Course
motorcycle = Motorcycle Course
mull = Müllenbachschleife
national = National
national circuit = National Circuit
(long) = On-road Circuit (Long)
(short) = On-road Circuit (Short)
oval = Oval Circuit
road = Road Course
short = Short
speedway = Speedway
sprint = Sprint Circuit
bridge = The Bridge Grand Prix Circuit 2009
the gp = The Grand Prix Circuit
the international = The International Circuit
the national = The National Circuit
west = West Circuit

|Daylight= Day variation: Afternoon, Dawn, Morning, Evening, Night. Notes: This is not case sensitive. Any errors with daylight will display in red. Names can either be the full name or be abbreviated, examples that can be used:

a = Afternoon
d = Dawn
e = Evening
m = Morning
n = Night

|Rolling Start= Yes: rolling start, if the event starts on lap 0 and the car is moving (can be slow)

|Goal Description= goal, from the in game description, free text, also add any specific car criteria. e.g. Win this Event''<br/>(featuring Ford Focus RS)

|Laps= No of laps (optional), this is only used for Cup, Head To Head and NASCAR events, of 2 laps or more (if left blank the default value is 1), as all other events are either less than one lap, only 1 lap or differs, which is a known and the template will automatically enter the default information as follows:

Event Default Value
Elimination and Endurance Differs (small)
Autocross, Drag Race & Speed Snap — (long dash)
Hunter, Speed Record & Time Trial 1
Cup, Head to Head & NASCAR 1. For events of 2 or more laps, enter the laps.

|R$ Reward= value only for coming first, excluding any CRB reward. For Endurance events, this should be the R$ per lap, again excluding CRB, the /lap is automatically added. R$ must be a value, CRB is now a calculation based on R$, so CRB data is no longer required. R$ is now automatically rounded down when a R$+50 bonus is paid for playing offline or not against friends (since this bonus isn't applied when beating friends, it's not included in the base main reward)

|Fame Reward= value only for coming first. For Endurance events, the /lap is automatically added

|Skip Cost= The cost to skip the goal

|Recommended PR= The recommended PR level for the goal.

|Citation= (optional) Citation for goals with finishing positions other than 1st, in the format <ref>Rewards for ??th place are: {{R$}}?,??? (+{{R$}}?,??? CRB) and ??? Fame</ref>

|Multi Goal No= Number of events in a multi-event challenge (optional), the following balance of events must have the sub template challenge17/multi, as this template ignores the event number and skip cost fields.

}} Closes the challenge17 template

{{End}} Used to closes the table, sometimes quotes are used mid special event, the template can be closed, a quote added and then a new heading used for the next goal.

There are also quotes, using the CrewQuote template:

{{CrewQuote| name of character | in game quote}}

{{CrewQuote Starts the CrewQuote template

|Character as follows:

|Chip McGee 
|Danica Patrick
|Richard Petty 

|The actual in-game speech made by the character.

}} Closes the quote.

For example:

{{CrewQuote|Zoé|Hmm, let's see if we can uneven that tie, shall we? Michael looks to have his game face on-how about you, hot shot?}}
|Goal No=1
|Circuit= Suzuka
|Goal Description=Win without skidding
|R$ Reward=2300
|Fame Reward=500
|Skip Cost=40
|Recommended PR=61.2}}
|Goal No=2
|Circuit= Suzuka
|Goal Description=Finish in the top 3 within 1:50
|R$ Reward=4600
|Fame Reward=900
|Skip Cost=40
|Recommended PR=61.2}}
|Goal No=3
|Circuit= Suzuka
|Rolling Start=Yes
|Goal Description=Tailgate Zoé uninterrupted within 22yd (20 m) for 30 seconds and finish in 2nd place
|R$ Reward=6950 
|Fame Reward=1300
|Skip Cost=40
|Recommended PR=61.2
|Citation=<ref>Rewards for 2nd place are: {{R$}}6,250 (+{{R$}}1,550 CRB) and 1,170 Fame</ref>}}
|Goal No=4
|Circuit= Suzuka
|Variant=Grand Prix
|Goal Description=Win within 1:50
|R$ Reward=5700
|Fame Reward=1100
|Skip Cost=40
|Recommended PR=61.2}}
Quote Zoé.png
Hmm, let's see if we can uneven that tie, shall we? Michael looks to have his game face on-how about you, hot shot?
— Zoé
Goal Description Laps
Fame Skip
1 HunterHunter Suzuka Circuit – East Circuit 1
500 40
Win without skidding
2 CupCup Suzuka Circuit – East Circuit 2
900 40
Finish in the top 3 within 1:50
3 CupCup Suzuka Circuit – West Circuit
Rolling Start
1,300[1] 40
Tailgate Zoé uninterrupted within 22yd (20 m) for 30 seconds and finish in 2nd place
4 Speed RecordSpeed Record Suzuka Circuit – Grand Prix Circuit 1
1,100 40
Win within 1:50

The current special event, Track To Tarmac has now been updated, from stage 5, with the new challenge17 template.

Any problems or comments, please feel free to post a comment below, or on my message wall.

Thank you for your support.


  1. Rewards for 2nd place are: Curr.R.Dollars.New.80x80.Shifted.png6,250 (+Curr.R.Dollars.New.80x80.Shifted.png1,550 CRB) and 1,170 Fame