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  • I started playing RR3 in about 2014. Before that, I've been playing PC racing games by EA since the original Need for Speed (DOS/Windows 3.11).
  • December 2015, I joined this wiki after discovering through Google searches that exact term SE phrases kept taking me here. LOL I really though this was a FM ran site at first!
  • That's not all I do is play racing games, I'm also an (advanced) electronic tech and (amateur) programmer of many hats (master of none)- but a big operating system guy and love of efficient programming. This is my appeal for RR3, I'm simply amazed by the thought that goes into every facet of the game.
  • FF to today. Since EA/FM started tinkering around with Reddit, they have invited me to join their Game Changers program, where we can more efficiently communicate directly with other users and the developer, to hopefully achieve the best streamlined product that we can all enjoy. This is a new relationship we're evolving to, but EA has tried with different games and seen some success. So I think we all have something to get excited about.09 June 2020, withdrawn from team :-(


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Admin History for RR3 Wiki

  1. SynergyShade3624 founded this wiki in March of 2013.
  2. GorillaMan and Lugia101101 were admins in March of 2013 also, but are currently inactive.
  3. RomGuyony and RR3 Michael P took over Admin duties Oct '15 and continued the work which Kuzz had started. They continued to improve and enhance the RR3 Wiki between them.
  4. Micheal's friend RomGuyony left August '16.
  5. RR3G'hamO. joined Michael at that time as an Admin. In Nov '16 the admin team was further strengthened with Sirebel, Powerup777 and RR3-AG joining the team.
  6. RR3G'hamO. and Sirebel both left during '18. The remaining admins continue to improve the RR3 wiki, with the support of an excellent community.
  7. After years of play and enjoyment, Michael's priorities had changed and decided to retire his admin duties :-(, and leave this wiki in the capable hands of Powerup777 and RR3-AG, and promoted them to Bureaucrat.
  8. As of August 2019, SirDuck74, SlatBH, and QuickNick have answered the call, and voted in by the community to come on board to help make this the best most accurate RR3 wiki that it can be!
  9. As of January 21, 2021, Speedthrift has joined our team. Awesome!

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