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Weekly Time Trial Tournament (WTTT)

WTTT is unlocked after reaching Player Level 4 as of v9.6


This weekly tournament used to consist of four TT events, each with a different roster of cars, with one event replaced in rotation each Monday ... visit the WTTT History page to see all the old events. As of Competition Update (v6.5) it was changed to feature only one event per week and runs from Tuesday 00:00 UTC. The rewards were changed, previously it was Curr.Gold.New.80x80.Shifted.png for groups A-C and Curr.R.Dollars.New.80x80.Shifted.png for the rest (see the table further down this page), now all groups receive Curr.Gold.New.80x80.Shifted.png rewards (as detailed in the table below). Players can rent a car (usually the slowest) and any upgrades applied will be retained for if/when the car is added to the player’s garage. The change to one event per week seems to have had the desired effect as (overall) player participation has more than doubled!

With the implementation of Seasons, every WTTT gives players Curr.VP.80x90.png1,000 upon participation.

Set a valid time to rank on the Competition Leaderboard to earn VP and win Gold when the Competition ends!
— In-game description

WTTT Tracks and Cars for 09-Jun-2020 to 16-Jun-2020

Event Info Cars
The National Circuit

09-Jun-2020 to 16-Jun-2020
Showcase NISSAN SKYLINE GT-R (R34) R3 SPEC.jpg
See the WTTT page for more info on Cars, Tracks and WTTT History.

Ranks and Rewards for the Weekly Time Trial Tournament

Rank Percentage Reward
A Top 0.1% 300 Curr.Gold.New.80x80.Shifted.png
B Top 1% 100 Curr.Gold.New.80x80.Shifted.png
C Top 5% 50 Curr.Gold.New.80x80.Shifted.png
D Top 10% 25 Curr.Gold.New.80x80.Shifted.png
E Top 25% 18 Curr.Gold.New.80x80.Shifted.png
F Top 50% 13 Curr.Gold.New.80x80.Shifted.png
G Top 75% 8 Curr.Gold.New.80x80.Shifted.png
H Top 100% 5 Curr.Gold.New.80x80.Shifted.png

Race Teams

Team Challenge Icon.JPG

To play a Race Team Challenge, the player must join or create a team. The team will consist of an acronym, a motto, and a description. Teams can contain up to 20 members.

Each challenge is available from the race teams menu, tournaments are only open for a limited period, normally one day, occasionally two, and can only be played while the Race Team Challenge is open. Race Teams is unlocked following the completing of Racing School Basics.

The following is a list of the regular challenges with brief descriptions of them :

  • Autocross Annihilation: Win Autocross events, each win earns 1 point towards the teams' score.
  • Distance Challenge: Compete for the highest total Distance using in-game specified car and track.
  • Elimination Domination: Win Elimination events, each win earns 1 point towards the teams' score.
  • Laps Challenge: Complete laps to score for the team, each completed lap gains a point for the team, sometimes it is one track (eg Monza) or a group of tracks available. (eg American/European)
  • Overtaking Challenge: Compete for the highest total Overtakes using in-game specified car and track.
  • Top Speed: Compete for the highest combined team top speed.
  • Unassisted stipulation: This can be added to any Team Challenge, Steering Assists and Braking Assist should be turned off to score points for the team, Traction Control is not classed as an assist by the game.

Once the challenge is complete, the team can collect their competition rewards, the higher the team finish, the more rewards are earned. Rewards differ from challenge to challenge and are shared equally between all team members.

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Online Multiplayer

This is the information in-game:

Online Multiplayer Tournament

Online Multiplayer is unlocked following the completing of Formula 1® Academy.

Online Multiplayer Relaunch ( Competition Update (v6.5))

Online Multiplayer is a weekly tournament that pits up to 8 competitors against one another in exciting real-time races.

For the best Online Multiplayer experience, the use of a WiFi connection is recommended.

How Online Multiplayer Works

Every week, a new Online Multiplayer tournament begins with a different selection of cars, and every day, 3 tracks are selected and are cycled on a regular basis. You receive a rating based on how well you perform during the active tournament. Improve your rating over multiple races to increase your final Gold reward at the end of the tournament.


To start racing, navigate to the Online Multiplayer menu and tap on the menu card. When you first enter a new tournament, your rating will not yet be determined. You will need to participate in at least one Online Multiplayer race to receive a rating for a reward at the end of the tournament. Tap the menu card again to enter the tournament.

Once you have entered you will be presented with a selection of cars that are available for that race. At least one car will be available on loan if you don't already own it. From here you can also select INVITE to start a private race with up to 7 friends from your friends list. Note that friends must have notifications enabled for their game to receive an invite and after the race your ratings will not change.

Choose your car and select GO to enter the matchmaking screen. Here the server will attempt to match you with similar opponents. You can cancel at any time in the matchmaking screen and doing so will not affect your rating. Once you have been matched, you will be loaded into the race.

The race begins with all opponents being reverse sorted by rating on the grid. During the race, you cannot pause the game and it will continue to run in the background even with the pause menu open. Note if you decide to exit mid-race you will be recorded as a DNF (Did Not Finish) and your rating might drop as a result. The race ends after everyone has crossed the finish line. If the last player takes more than 60 seconds to complete the race after everyone else has crossed the finish line, they will be considered DNF and the race will end immediately.

After completing the race, you can review the race results, and Service or Upgrade your car. From the Upgrades screen you have the option to EXIT or to RACE again. Racing against new opponents based on your rating.

Rating and Rewards

At the end of each race, you will be rated on your performance versus your opponents. Beating players will increase your rating, while losing will decrease it. If you beat higher rated players, your own rating will increase greatly; conversely, if you lose to a lower rated player, you rating will greatly decrease. Note that you do not have to win the race for your rating to increase.

Upon completion of an Online Multiplayer event, you will be ranked on the global Online Multiplayer leaderboard, where you can compare your rating with players from all over the world. At the end of a tournament week, all participating players will receive a Gold reward based on their rating.
— Real Racing 3 v6.5.1 Game Manual

These are the rewards (v6.5):

Points Curr.Gold.New.80x80.Shifted.png Points Curr.Gold.New.80x80.Shifted.png Points Curr.Gold.New.80x80.Shifted.png
1,988+ 50 1,644 34 1,200 18
1,968 49 1,620 33 1,166 17
1,948 48 1,595 32 1,131 16
1,928 47 1,571 31 1,095 15
1,908 46 1,545 30 1,058 14
1,887 45 1,520 29 1,019 13
1,866 44 1,494 28 979 12
1,845 43 1,467 27 937 11
1,824 42 1,440 26 892 10
1,803 41 1,412 25 845 9
1,781 40 1,384 24 795 8
1,759 39 1,355 23 741 7
1,736 38 1,325 22 683 6
1,714 37 1,295 21 618 5
1,691 36 1,264 20 545 4
1,667 35 1,232 19 500 3

Provided by EA Firemonkeys

See the Release Notes from Competition Update (v6.5) and Euro Masters Update (v6.6) for more details.

Online Multiplayer Tournaments prior to Competition Update (v6.5)

Online Multiplayer Tournaments are a chance to prove yourself on the world stage. Climb to the top of the Leaderboard and claim huge Gold and R$ rewards when the tournament ends.

A new Online Multiplayer Tournament starts each week. At the end of the week, the top 10 players on the Leaderboard receive Gold prizes. Everyone who participated in the Tournament earns an R$ amount based on their Rating when the Tournament ends (number of points x 1,000).

Your position on the Leaderboard is based on your Rating. Rating is a reflection of skill. Generally speaking, winning increases your Rating and losing decreases it. When you start an Online Multiplayer race, you are matched against players with a similar Rating.

All Online Multiplayer race results get ranked the same way on the same Leaderboard, regardless of which league the race occurs in.
— FireMonkeys, the game developer

These are the prizes (pre v6.5):

Position Curr.Gold.New.80x80.Shifted.png
1st 500
2nd 400
3rd 300
4th 250
5th 200
6th 150
7th 125
8th 100
9th 75
10th 50


Old (pre v6.5) WTTT Rewards

Rank Percentage Award
A Top 0.1% 300 Curr.Gold.New.80x80.Shifted.png
B Top 5% 100 Curr.Gold.New.80x80.Shifted.png
C Top 10% 50 Curr.Gold.New.80x80.Shifted.png
D Top 20% Curr.R.Dollars.New.80x80.Shifted.png500,000
E Top 30% Curr.R.Dollars.New.80x80.Shifted.png300,000
F Top 40% Curr.R.Dollars.New.80x80.Shifted.png200,000
G Top 50% Curr.R.Dollars.New.80x80.Shifted.png100,000
H Top 60% Curr.R.Dollars.New.80x80.Shifted.png75,000
I Top 70% Curr.R.Dollars.New.80x80.Shifted.png50,000
J Top 80% Curr.R.Dollars.New.80x80.Shifted.png30,000
K Top 90% Curr.R.Dollars.New.80x80.Shifted.png15,000
L Top 100% Curr.R.Dollars.New.80x80.Shifted.png10,000