With a rolling start, complete a single lap in the fastest time you can.
Be careful not to go off-track or your lap time will be invalid!
— In-game description, pre-v4.4.1
Complete a single lap in the fastest time you can.
Your lap will be invalid if you go off-track or collide!
— In-game description, post-v4.4.1
Complete a single lap in the fastest time you can.
You will receive a time penalty if you go off-track or collide!
— In-game description for Weekly Time Trials and Time Trial Competitions, post-v6.5
Spectate your competitors' lap to study their braking points and racing line to perfect your own lap time
— In-game description for Time Trial replays, post-v6.5

In Real Racing 3, a Time Trial is an event where people have to set their best race time on a certain track. Time Trials are usually unlocked together with a showcase tier but can in some cases stand alone.

Unique to Time Trials are that they require the use of Drives in order to race. Players are given three Drives to start with and can buy a fourth Drive for 20Icon Gold and a fifth Drive for another 40Icon Gold. Drives automatically refill after they have been used, the first Drive takes 18 minutes to refill after it is consumed (though this appears to reduce in certain circumstance), with subsequent Drives taking 18 minutes after the previous Drive is refilled (again this may reduce for some players). If a player runs out of Drives then they must wait until more Drives are available to run more Time Trials. Purchasing more Drives simultaneously refills the bar to full and the bar can also be refilled by spending 2Icon Gold. As of 4.5.1, fully upgraded cars have unlimited amount of Drives, so the player can play time trials as much as they want with that vehicle, subject to servicing.

The player's results will be displayed on a TSM leaderboard if they are racing online. Additionally, they can race against themselves or other players by doing a ghost challenge.

It is important that players stay on the track while avoiding collisions as they will be disqualified if they go off-track or collide. Players can, however, still complete the race but it will be shown as invalid in the race results screen and will not be submitted to the TSM leaderboard.

The player's best time for a Time Trial event is then ranked based on other competitors' time, from rank A (Top 1%) to rank L (Top 100%). Ranking up offers a bonus of R$1,000 per level, up to a maximum of R$5,000 at a time, even if more ranks were gained.

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Weekly Time Trial

Players can also compete in the weekly Time Trial Tournament to earn rewards by clocking the fastest total time from all four stages, all of which contain the recommended cars from Amateur to Legend. Time Trial Tournaments become available to participate by all players after reaching Level 8.

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