• Elpreciado I did some testing and my new car is great. I need more setup  but its a blast. It has a racing beat 3 rotor, 1000 hp, single turbo, engine and its quick. The car is 1995 rx7 setup for sport car competition. It looks like the car that's my avatar. Myself on the other hand am suffering from lack of conditioning and injuries from the seizure condition that stopped me from racing in the beginning. Now with them stopped in can go under the knife to fix them. But so far its a blast and quick. I'm so glad to be back. But quitting the game and not looking at this wiki every chance I get is very hard. Good luck racing in the game . More to come later.

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    • Hi, just saw this by accident, when i misclicked on my name:) Didnt know this section was here..

      Thanks for the update, save yourself the details about the cars performance, i dont know anything about the specifics:) Send a pic of the car, the one in the avatar looks nice! I would just like to know how your getting on, chasing the passion.. That is what i admire in people, especially when the going gets tough for them.. So stick at it!! You racing other people? Dont forget you can always give them a shunt like we do with bots:) 

      Hope the operation(s) goes well and that you will find time to keep up withRR3 still:)

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    • Elpreciado my avatar is my car. I just haven't repainted it. Right now I'm in physical therapy (terrorisim) to try avoiding surgery. I am racing locally for now but I hope to pick up another national ride. I'm doing okay but am rusty after 5 yeears. I'll let you know more later. Good luck with rr3.

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