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    The RR3 Wiki:Upgrades Section (Classic Version) page has been upgraded, with a new template, using the same automatic calculation method used on every car article page, with the addition of PR being added and a comparison with the actual PR data for the car.

    The new template is almost identical to the one used on the car article page, only the PR data is extra, making it easily portable from car article page to upgrade section page, only the PR will need to be added and the template name changed from upgrades to upgradesPR, the total will need the PR information for base PR, PR w/R$ upgrades and Max PR added.

    The old Upgrades Section page had all cars in individual tables, the page was massive, in wiki terms, topping out at 429,514 bytes, This made the page very unfriendly for mobiles.

    One of the problems with the old table was the calculation for the total was completed when the table was created. Any changes made to the table data would mean the total would need to be manually changed. It was also difficult to verify the accuracy of the data.


    There are three parts to the upgradesPR template, the headings, the data and the total:

    NISSAN SKYLINE GT-R V-spec (R34)

    {{R/upgradesPR|1|Engine|Basic Engine Tuning|2 minutes|4100|1|1.1}}
    {{R/upgradesPR|2|Engine|Mid-Spec ECU|5 minutes|6100|1|1}}
    {{R/upgradesPR|3|Engine|Performance Intake Manifold|10 minutes|9300|2|1.1}}
    {{R/upgradesPR|4|Engine|Performance Fuel Injectors|||3|1.1}}
    {{R/upgradesPR|1|Drivetrain|General Analysis & Overhaul|2 minutes|3800|1|1.3}}
    {{R/upgradesPR|2|Drivetrain|Uprated Sports Gearbox|5 minutes|5700|1|1.2}}
    {{R/upgradesPR|3|Drivetrain|Lightweight Aluminium Flywheel|10 minutes|8600|2|1.2}}
    {{R/upgradesPR|1|Brakes|Uprated Sports Brake Pads|2 minutes|2700|1|1.1}}
    {{R/upgradesPR|2|Brakes|Uprated Sports Brake Discs|5 minutes|4000|1|1.2}}
    {{R/upgradesPR|1|Tires & Wheels|Sports Compound|2 minutes|3200|1|1.3}}
    {{R/upgradesPR|2|Tires & Wheels|Lightweight Sports Rims|5 minutes|4800|1|1.3}}
    {{T/upgradesPR|17 minutes|2.5|14.3|15.4}}

    NISSAN SKYLINE GT-R V-spec (R34)

    Upgrade Duration PR
    1 Engine: Basic Engine Tuning 2 Minutes 1.1 4,100 1
    2 Engine: Mid-Spec ECU 5 Minutes 1.0 6,100 1
    3 Engine: Performance Intake Manifold 10 Minutes 1.1 9,300 2
    4 Engine: Performance Fuel Injectors 1.1 - 3
    1 Drivetrain: General Analysis & Overhaul 2 Minutes 1.3 3,800 1
    2 Drivetrain: Uprated Sports Gearbox 5 Minutes 1.2 5,700 1
    3 Drivetrain: Lightweight Aluminium Flywheel 10 Minutes 1.2 8,600 2
    1 Brakes: Uprated Sports Brake Pads 2 Minutes 1.1 2,700 1
    2 Brakes: Uprated Sports Brake Discs 5 Minutes 1.2 4,000 1
    1 Tires & Wheels: Sports Compound 2 Minutes 1.3 3,200 1
    2 Tires & Wheels: Lightweight Sports Rims 5 Minutes 1.3 4,800 1
    TOTAL: 11
    R$-Only Upgrades.   10   (3300022)
    All Upgrades.   11   (4300022)
    17 minutes 11.8
    / 15
    PR Base PR w/R$ PR Max
    2.5 14.3 15.4
    Calculation 14.3 15.4
    Difference 0.0 0.0

    PR Data

    There is a long-standing problem with PR data for cars differing, depending on the order of the upgrades, this is the reason the data cannot be included in the car article.E.G. If a player upgrades the engine level 1, then engine level 2 the PR value of the drivetrain level 1 may change!

    There are three known fixed points, regardless of the upgrade order, the car will still upgrade to the same PR:

    • Base PR, the PR of the car with 0 upgrades.
    • PR w/R$, PR with R$ upgrades only (no Curr.Gold.New.80x80.Shifted upgrades)
    • PR Max, PR with the car fully upgraded

    It is therefore now possible, using a calculation, to verify the accuracy of the PR data, at these points. The known PR values are shown under the total, then the calculated PR values, based on the Base PR + the upgrade PR data. The difference (+/-) from these values is calculated and displayed.

    QC Check

    While creating the new template, the car data and classic upgraded data were compared, any differences in R$ or Curr.Gold.New.80x80.Shifted

    are listed under the new template, as text, any variation will automatically calculate, once corrected, if the car article data is incorrect the cars characteristics data will need to be manually corrected too.


    • 2 Drivetrain Race-Spec Lightweight Differential 1 hour 15 minutes R$17,400 v R$17,100

    The upgrades on the car article are R$17,400, but in the upgrades section, the same upgrade had R$17,100, one of them will need to be corrected.

    Technical details


    The heading takes no data, it formats the table headings and configures the columns for sorting.

    Upgrade Data

    {{R/upgradesPR|1|Engine|Basic Engine Tuning|2 minutes|4100|1|1.1}}

    In this example :

    1. 1 = The first upgrade of the engine
    2. Engine = The component being upgraded, either Engine, Drivetrain, Body, Suspension, Exhaust, Brakes or Tires & Wheels
    3. Basic Engine Tuning = upgrade description
    4. 2 minutes = The length of time the upgrade will take (empty for Gold only upgrades)
    5. 4100 = R$ upgrade cost, this should be in a value format, either 13500 or 13,500, if the comma separator isn’t entered, it will automatically be added (empty for Gold only upgrades)
    6. 1 = Upgrade cost in Curr.Gold.New.80x80.Shifted
    7. 1.1 = PR value for the upgrade


    {{T/upgradesPR|17 minutes|2.5|14.3|15.4}}

    In this example :

    1. 17 minutes = The total upgrade time refers to the time it would take if each upgrade was done as the last one finished, meaning most of the time, only the Engine needs to be considered, as all other upgrades would be done before that tree. It is free text, the total needs to be manually calculated and entered if empty the total will be blank.
    2. 2.5 = Base PR (from the car article page)
    3. 14.3 = PR if the car is upgraded fully with R$ only (no Curr.Gold.New.80x80.Shifted spend) (from the car article page)
    4. 15.4 = PR for the car when fully upgraded (from the car article page)

    Quality Check

    Upgrade descriptions are checked against previously used descriptions. If the description hasn't been used before, it will display in red, this is to catch typos and spelling mistakes. Double check any red descriptions, if they are correct, add them to this template:

    Add descriptions to the second to last line, in the format | lower case description = Proper Case Description e.g.:
    | race prototype intake manifold = Race Prototype Engine Tuning

    Method to correct the data

    The next step is to correct the car data, for any cars with PR data that does not total.

    If anyone has the time, the following is a known good method:

    1. Cloud save
    2. Capture and complete one upgrade at a time, from base
    3. Pay gold to complete any Curr.R.Dollars.New.80x80.Shifted purchases
    4. Check the data and complete the next upgrade, one at a time
    5. Capture & complete all Curr.R.Dollars.New.80x80.Shifted upgrades before starting Curr.Gold.New.80x80.Shifted upgrades
    6. Double check the data captured actually equals the R$ upgrade data (Base PR + R$ upgrade data = Max PR w/ R$)
    7. Capture the car data for PR Max cash, (PR, Top Speed, Acc., Braking, Cornering, Cost, Parts) - change the device's settings between imperial and metric (Settings > Display > Display Speed: MPH | KPH) for top speed MPH/KPH and braking ft/m, do not use a calculation.
    8. Continue to capture the remaining data, as before, one at a time, pay gold to complete R$ upgrades
    9. Once all data has been captured double check the data captured actually equals the fully upgraded car data (Base PR + upgrade data = PR Fully upgraded)
    10. Once the car is fully upgraded, capture the car data for Max PR w/ Curr.Gold.New.80x80.Shifted, (PR, Top Speed, Acc., Braking, Cornering, Cost, Parts) - change the device's settings between imperial and metric (Settings > Display > Display Speed: MPH | KPH) for top speed MPH/KPH and braking ft/m, do not use a calculation.
    11. Cloud restore (to get all the gold back)

    It is very time-consuming!

    The following Google Sheet be used to help create the data and automatically format the template, although this g.sheet is primarily for creating the car data for new cars, it is possible to copy in existing data, correct it and past the corrected data back to the pages:

    1. To help create the car upgrade information visually, this google sheet can be used: Google Sheet Car data
    2. As anyone can edit the above sheet, to avoid conflicts, if you have a Google Drive, I would recommend you save a copy (File > Make a copy...), which will save the Google sheet to your own Google Drive, for your own personal use.
    3. Anyone can edit the above sheet, even without a Google account.


    This is the fifth template to be created as part of the project to automatically add totals to data.


    Many thanks to RomGuyony for confirming the PR data for all the cars, allowing the PR calculation.


    Any comments, please feel free to post below or on my message wall. Thank you for your support.

    Edit: 3-Dec-2017 Added quality check and minor corrections.

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    • Awesome guys!  Why hasn't this template been applied to the latest car(s)?....Like I don't remember seeing this on the  Sesto.  In fact I suggested this very thing and you guys already had it developed.  Cheers!

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    • It's in use there: Upgrades Section (Classic Version), not on the main article page for each car

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    • You guys are great thanks for the excellent work and the time invested. This just keeps getting better.

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    • This is fantastic!  I was just searching the Forum to ask if this kind of info could be added to the wiki.  Will it eventually be added to the individual car pages?  For now can we add links from the car article pages to the car's upgrade page?

      One other thing I'd love to see in this template (and the one on the car article page) is visual differentiation between engine, drivetrain, etc., to make it easier to tell where one ends and the next begins.  I know the table can be sorted by columns, though, so that makes it a bit more difficult to implement.  (I'm not sure why you would want to sort upgrades by price or time, though, since you can only progress through them in a fixed order.)

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    • Mlieberman wrote:
      Will it eventually be added to the individual car pages?  

      OK, I see from the linked blog post, I guess it was originally on the car article pages and removed?  I'm not sure I understand the reason but I'm sure there was a good one.

      Update: I just read through all the comments on  User blog:Kuzz/The Pulse - Week 4/2015#Performance ratings  My take-away is that Kuzz didn't like it but almost everyone else wanted it to stay.  The reason behind removing it was that 1) the numbers may vary by +/- 0.1, and 2) people were constantly editing the PR numbers based on what they saw in the game.  IMO, a very dumb reason to remove it (and it seems like most people agreed). Simply mark the column with a footnote that states values may vary +/- 0.1 depending on the order of upgrades purchased.

      Anyway, I guess this new page was born out of the desire to have the information available, which is great.  And I do hope it eventually makes its way to the car article pages, because I never would have found the RR3 Wiki:Upgrades Section (Classic Version) page if I hadn't been searching the forum and come across this article.  (But site navigation is a topic for another time.)

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    • I'm glad you found what you were looking for, the RR3 Wiki:Upgrades Section (Classic Version) page is also available from the top menu:

      • Navigation > Cars > Car Upgrade Costs incl. PR
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    • If I follow "Method to correct the data", I expect to get an error on Cloud Restore saying Time Trials haven been reset for that car. Does that mean I lose ALL time trials for that car? Even WTTT?

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    • FM has recently introduced the TT reset on Cloud restore to stop borrowing upgrades. Only the TT for that car is reset, often that is 1 or 2 TT.

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    • A FANDOM user
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