• The challenge template has been redesigned, slightly, some people may have already noticed the discussion on RomGuyony's wall Updating the Special Event Template R/challenge, thanks to input from RomGuyony, Mr Procrastinator and Guillejarque the Challenge template has been updated just-in-time for Stingray Evolution

    The changes are as follows:

    1. For multi events, the event number and skip cost now spans the number of events, this is on field 9, which is normally empty, the template lines following the span must be challenge15/multi, as they ignore the event number and skip cost fields.
    2. The event picture now links to the event article.
    3. Lap quantity is now automatically entered as [x laps(s)] on the same line as the track. If laps is blank then no information is displayed.
    4. CRB is now a calculation of R$, for the events that pay CRB.
    5. Endurance events display /lap after the R$, CRB and fame automatically.
    6. The heading now has R$ (+CRB )
    7. The R$ is now automatically rounded down when a R$+50 bonus is paid for playing on line or against friends

    The changes were not backward compatible, so the new challenge template now has a year suffix, it accepts 9 values, separated by a pipe | in the following format:


    1 - Event number, this used to be a P= option, it's now a compulsory requirement as it's always used.

    2 - Event name, this is now case insensitive, some abbreviations are now allowed e.g. Head to Head, head to head or h2h, will all work. Clicking the event picture will now display the event article page.

    3 - Track and variant, in the format track - variant. This is now case insensitive, some abbreviations are also now allowed e.g. spa will now display as Circuit de Spa-Francorchamps. Any errors will highlight the track and variant in red, to quickly allow the entry to be corrected. e.g. entering course when it's actually a circuit.

    4 - Event goal, from the in game description, free text, also add any specific car criteria, and rolling starts.e.g. Win this Event (featuring Ford Focus RS)

    5 - No of laps (optional), if entered the text will be tagged to the end of the track and variant, along with description text [x lap(s)] – This should only be used for Cup, Head to Head and NASCAR events, as all other events are either less than one lap, only 1 lap or differs, which is a known

    6 - R$, value only for coming first, excluding any CRB reward. For Endurance events, this should be the R$ per lap, again excluding CRB, the /lap is automatically added. R$ must be a value, CRB is now a calculation based on R$, so CRB data is no longer required. R$ is now automatically rounded down when a R$+50 bonus is paid for playing offline or not against friends (since this bonus isn't applied when beating friends, it's not included in the base main reward)

    7 Fame, value only (For Endurance events, the /lap is automatically added)

    8 Skip cost, the cost to skip the goal, the Curr.Gold.New.80x80.Shifted

    icon is automatically added.

    9 Number of events in a multi event challenge (optional), the following balance of events must have the sub template challenge15/multi, as this template ignores the event number and skip cost fields.

    For example:

    {{R/challenge15|1|CuP|spa|Win this event|5|10,050|2,000|30}}
    {{R/challenge15|2|h2h|Mount Panorama|Win this event ''(Rolling Start)|3|12,050|2,400|40|2}}
    {{R/challenge15/multi|2|SR|silverstone – the bridge grand prix circuit 2009|Win this event ''(Featuring [[Ford Focus RS]])||1,050|1,400}}
    {{R/challenge15|3|En|Dubai Autodrome - International course|Stay in the Lead for 10 seconds OR finish with an Average Speed greater than 110 mph (176 kph)||4,050|1,400|50}}
    {{R/challenge15|4|TT|Dubai Autodrome - International Circuit|Improve your previous time||4,010|1,200|50}}

    Event Description R$
    Fame Skip
    1 Event CupCup Circuit de Spa-Francorchamps [5 Laps] 10,000
    2,000 30 Curr.Gold.New.80x80.Shifted
    Win this event
    2 Event Head To HeadHead To Head Mount Panorama [3 Laps] 12,000
    2,400 40 Curr.Gold.New.80x80.Shifted
    Win this event (Rolling Start)
    Event Speed RecordSpeed Record Silverstone – The Bridge Grand Prix Circuit 2009 1,000
    Win this event (Featuring Ford Focus RS)
    3 Event EnduranceEndurance Dubai Autodrome - International course 4,000/lap
    1,400 50 Curr.Gold.New.80x80.Shifted
    Stay in the Lead for 10 seconds OR finish with an Average Speed greater than 110 mph (176 kph)
    4 Event Time TrialTime Trial Dubai Autodrome – International Circuit 4,010 1,200 50 Curr.Gold.New.80x80.Shifted
    Improve your previous time

    The next special event, Stingray Evolution has been prepared, with the new template.

    Any problems or comments, please feel free to post a comment below, or on my message wall or RomGuyony's wall. Thank you for your support.

    Edit: 15-Dec-2015, added information about the R$+50 bonus being automatically rounded down, even if entered in the data, this is due to it being paid for playing on line or against friends, so not everyone is awarded it.
    Edit: 20-Jan-2016, added case insensitive information for events and tracks, error checking for track and variants and abbreviations are now allowed, updated example.

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