• Alright Kuzz, wanted to ask a few questions as I'm either unaware on how to do a task or want to avoid stepping on your toes:

    -I've changed the story in Special Events to use the Quote template, I wanted to ask if you knew how to change the position of the quote symbol, in order to have the end quote symbol being at the bottom right instead of top right. It's less obvious with small quotations but looks iffy with large ones.

    -12+ Cyl Slam / 12+ Cylinder Slam. I noticed that you may have been the first to employ the actual meaning of the title, over the name given in-game. I was going to change it to the in-game name but didn't want to do that before knowing whether you were ok with it.

    -Clash Of The Classics / Masters of Speed. Two different conventions, which one is to be used?

    -Category pages: a lot of edits recently have been to do with those, to the point where the links are getting cross-referenced all over the place: category pages leading back to themselves, or other category pages, or even category pages of articles categorised within the first category page... etc. Since I don't want to enforce the wrong thing, what's your advice in this situation? I thought category pages would not have categories unless it's a sub-category, but at this point I'm not sure what's what.


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    • Additionally and following on convention: R$ isn't always situated the same, i.e. R$ X, R$X, XR$ or X R$. It doesn't help that RR3 don't use one of the four options exclusively but the one that appears most is R$X (Completion rewards in career and special events). Is it ok to switch templates to this format?

      I asked a while back if it was worth having R$ as unit within special challenges. It causes issues with Endurance rewards as it makes the main R$ reward span two lines (quick fix by User:RR3 Michael P by making the whole reward smaller, not just the unit). However, it's not included in race series.

      If these are things you've considered and decided against then fair enough, but if you don't have the time then I can do it myself :)

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