• Hi Kuzz,

    Welcome back, I'm glad you have returned, you have done allot for this site and set a high standard to aspire too.

    As you appeared to have stopped as our Admin, the process to adopt Admin Duties was started first by Guillejarque and later by myself, see Thread:41161, this was the start of the process, nothing would have happened until 60 days of inactivity, please do not see this as a mutiny, as the captain had appeared to have left the ship :)

    I would like to offer support for Admin Duties, if you want or need any.



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    • Michael, as always, you are an upstanding guy.

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    • Hi Kuzz, I'm a little disappointed not to be added to your admin team, I'm interested to know if there's any particular reason? I can speculate, but thought it better to ask you to understand your view.

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    • Hi Kuzz, while you were away I tried to contact SynergyShade3624, see Thread:41158 regarding Admin duties. Syn has made me an Admin today, I should have taken down the post on Syn's wall when you returned, my mistake. I wanted to check this is OK with you, if not I will downgrade my account.

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    • A FANDOM user
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