• Hi Kuzz,

    I have been working on a template page for the tip and FAQ : RR3 Wiki:Tips and FAQ Template, I'm sure you don't mind that. What I wanted to pass by you is the template for a Race series page : RR3 Wiki:Series Template this can be used to create a standard race series page, keep it consistent, with the new style templates. I know you don't like new pages to be pre-filled / outlined, but this Race Series Template could be used to create a new page, if you can allow the pre-filled new page, for a short time, while the data is being added, I think it will help contributes and keep the new pages consistent.

    I'm also thinking of a template for car and challenge pages. If FM spring an update on us the templates can be used as page outlines, very quickly, ready for the keen contributors, we have attracted to this site, to add the data.

    What are your thoughts?

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    • I've already prepared one named Template:H/series, it's hidden though.

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    • How does the Template:H/series work?

      I'm planning to do a car page template and challenge page template next. I don't want to duplicate any work.

      Are you looking to do these?

      If not, can I create them e.g. Template:H/car and Template:H/challenge? 

      Or as RR3 Wiki:Car Template and RR3 Wiki:Challenge Template, and you covert them to templates?

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    • A FANDOM user
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