• Alright? Wanted to get your opinion on the "Differs" rewards in FAP400. I thought of two solutions (as it just looks incomplete). Either:

    -Work out the rewards based on other races in that event (e.g. Fame on RIR is 200/lap) and maybe use an asterisk along with an explanation underneath the concerned tables to indicate that reward is pretty much out of reach (unless extensive bot-slowing techniques are used)


    -Work out the minimum reward by finishing in the lowest position possible whilst still fulfilling the goal (e.g. ≥2,650R$)

    Hopefully you find one of the two options to be an improvement. I also wanted to point out that the "R$" in the cell maybe doesn't need to be there? It is, after all, in the column heading and makes the cell too wide for Endurance events, spliting the main R$ reward over two lines.

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