• I really went the extra kilometer for you in stickying your thread about location game. So why did you get bent out of shape and close it when people are slow or non-compliant to your pretend rules? You know I'm probably the last E-friend you got here, and you're stepping on my toes, right?

    What I would like to see is you un-delete the post, and back off the offensive "you're attacking me and breaking my rules" comments (and delete the report/comment). It's a fun game, and based on people's progress actually playing the game- participation will be greater or less. But that's why we stickied it.

    The recourse if you don't want to is you lost me, on your own. Most of the world has little tolerance for your head-in-the-clouds mentality. I'm on the edge myself. So your choice, no reply = you don't care (and I don't either).

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    • The truth is, that you have lots of friends here, but you won't let them be a friend. It's confusing. I hope you can see that some day.

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    • It was all fun and games until Naomi Tang ruined it. I tried to make her read and abide by the game's rules (when my tag is in play it is for others to guess) to keep the participation going but she won't listen (she instead gave me a new tag for me to play and once I answer her tag she instead gave me another one). That's why I closed it because it's not fun when someone breaks the rules.

      Just restored it, anyway. But I want you to keep others in line as well.

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    • ...anyway. But I want you to keep others in line as well.

      OK, thank you
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