• Hi Michael,

    I have an issue with RR3 and I am wondering if you can help me with any advice …

    I’ve been playing this game for more than 3 years. I have 177 cars and garage value of 345 million; also I am an elite driver … so I would say that I have a good progress.

    The issue that yesterday, my tablet (Lenovo TAB 2 A10-70F) was corrupted and the game, among other apps is not working, and the problem is that I don’t have a profile on rr3, I’ve been always playing as a guest (I know this is wrong but I didn’t think that this can happen, unfortunately I was mistaken and it happened) so I can’t use cloud restore although I think the game was cloud saving every often.

    My question if there is any way to copy game save files from my tablet to my laptop so I can copy them back once I reinstall the game and continue from where I left it (note: I can access the files on my tablet, my files bowser is working, thankfully)

    I’ve been reading so many articles and discussion on the internet since yesterday, and there are many opinions regarding this matter but I feel that I can trust yours more … you’ve been always a great help on this wiki for all users.

    If you can help me with this matter, you would save me years of playing … please.

    Thank you,

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    • Guys, any of you had same problem? Please share your thoughts.

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      Here are some ideas for you.  I play on Apple TV and Apple iPad, but thse should work for Windows and Android as well.

      Your cloud save can be identified by either your in-game id or your player id.

      IDEA #1 In-game identifier (username in the game)

      Open your Profile tab.  This is the tab that says you are an Elite Racer.  Your in-game identifier is the name at the top in large letters.

      Do a fresh install of RR3 on a different device and use your in-game identifier.  Close completely and re-start the game.  The game will come up and ask your if you want to use your previous cloud save.

      IDEA #2  Player ID and Open Support Ticket with Fire Monkey

      You can find your player id on the “SETTINGS” tab.  This is the tab with your Audio controls and log-in buttons.  The player id at the bottom of the screen, right hand side.

      Open a support ticket with this ID, tell Fire Monkey what happened and ask them to locate the cloud save for that identifier for you. You might have to give them your in-game id as well.

      Hope you find these helpful.

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    • Thanks a lot for your response, but unfortunately, I am unable to do anything with the game, it opens but does not response to amy touch (complete freez)... I can't reach to any tab inside the game.

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    • Two ideas:

      1. Did you make any in-app purchases? Fire Monkey might be able to identify you and your cloud save that way.

      2. Would you perhaps remember your in-game id. For instance, if you raced an elimination event against the bots, you might see "Oddley", "Existent", "Pungent Sauce" and 4 other bots in the results plus YOUR name. Do you remember what that name was? Your cloud save can be identified by that name.

      Good Luck!

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    • No I didn’t make any in-app purchases, and I don’t think I’ve seen any special name … it was “Guest” only.

      Tried to download the game apk from 3rd party source and install it (because my app store is not working too), I thought it may repair any corrupted files but it didn’t work. It seems that the corruption is deep in my operating system.

      However, I came across another idea … do you think if I gave FM my IP address plus some of my stats information, would they be able to figure out my ID?


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