• Im looking forward to join you on the next speed challenge. Active and good racer here. Will be an asset for the team. 

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    • Join NKPB.

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    • hi Tonic, that would be great:)

      please enter NKPB, it's open to public, and set a speed once event rolls on Sunday.. 

      we are still struggling to get good 20 racers, due to technical probs and as well as speed issues, so maybe even we will need you to step into the main team (else the top 20 out of the total pool race next event)

      and get in contact with me on Messenger please:)

      El Preciado Preciado

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    • Cant find you on messenger by the name El Preciado. I got 362kph for the last event but wasted because was on a "second" team and only have 18 racers in it. So hopefully can get on a first team this round.

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    • Screen Shot 2017-05-01 at 12.08.23 AM


      This was me going 362kph
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    • A FANDOM user
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