Reach the highest speed you can during one complete lap.
— In-game description

Speed Record is an event in Real Racing 3 where the player must reach the highest top speed set by their TSM competitors before they cross the finish line.

Some players may choose to disable any assists enabled to reach the maximum top speed of their car, but this can be risky as their car will skid more often and lose some of the precious speed needed to reach the required top speed. But it's possible to race in the opposite direction on the start/finish straight (if it is the longest straight) to achieve higher top speed.

Since only top speed is required, it is recommended to use a car with good acceleration on tracks with short straights (Silverstone - National) and cars with good top speed for tracks with long straights (Circuit des 24 Heures) and banked turns (Daytona International Speedway). Grip is also beneficial as a good drive is needed to get the top speed required.

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