Method: 1. Using source mode copy all of this page to notepad or notepad++. 2. Search and replace (CTRL+H) ??Manufacture name?? with the exact Manufactures name in RR3 3. Search and replace ??Number of vehicles?? with the real number of vehicles of the manufacturer. 4. Search for replace ??Information from Wikipedia shortened?? to the real information that appears in Wikipedia. Try to make it shorter so it has 8 lines, more or less. 5. Search and replace GameVersion|?.?.? with the version the manufacturer was introduced (e.g. GameVersion|6.1.0)

6. Search and replace ??Model 1?? etc with the name of the car. Do the same with the initial PR, top speed, acceleration, braking, grip and cost. 7. Practically search and replace with the real information everything that is between ??. 8. Update all entries with ?? next to them (search for ?? and replace each one in turn, removing the comment between the ??) 9. Any missing information change the ??comment?? to ? 10. Once complete create the page, it should be: name??

{{Stub}} {{Infobox/manufacturer |Date = ??-present |File Name = ??Manufacture name??.png |Models = ??Number of vehicles?? |Cost = ??R$ Total?? |Cost2 = ??Gold Total??}} '''??Manufacture name??''' is a ... ??Information from Wikipedia shortened?? ??Manufacture name?? was introduced in {{GameVersion|?.?.?}} In Real Racing 3, the player can obtain ??Number of vehicles?? cars manufactured by ??Manufacture name??, which can be obtained in the following racing careers: ??Serie 1??, ??Serie 2?? and ??Serie 3?? ==Models== {{H/manufacturer}} {{R/manufacturer|??Manufacture name??|Model 1|PR|mph|kph|s|ft|m|g|G=Yes|x}} {{R/manufacturer|??Manufacture name??|Model 2|PR|mph|kph|s|ft|m|g|G=Yes|x}} {{R/manufacturer|??Manufacture name??|Model 3|PR|mph|kph|s|ft|m|g|G=Yes|x}} {{R/manufacturer|??Manufacture name??|Model 4|PR|mph|kph|s|ft|m|g|G=Yes|x}} {{R/manufacturer|??Manufacture name??|Model 5|PR|mph|kph|s|ft|m|g|G=Yes|x}} {{R/manufacturer|??Manufacture name??|Model 6|PR|mph|kph|s|ft|m|g|G=Yes|x}} {{R/manufacturer|??Manufacture name??|Model 7|PR|mph|kph|s|ft|m|g|G=Yes|x}} {{R/manufacturer|??Manufacture name??|Model 8|PR|mph|kph|s|ft|m|g|G=Yes|x}} {{R/manufacturer|??Manufacture name??|Model 9|PR|mph|kph|s|ft|m|g|G=Yes|x}} {{R/manufacturer|??Manufacture name??|Model 10|PR|mph|kph|s|ft|m|g|G=Yes|x}} <!--Repeat the structure for every car--> {{T/manufacturer}} ??Optional?? ==Navigation== {{Navbox/Manufacturers}} [[Category:Manufacturers]]

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