WTTT | Week 8 | Autodromo Nazionale Monza, Road Course


#8 Tue Wed Thu Fri Sat Sun Mon Gain
A 1:29.905
B 1:31.504
C 1:34.006
D 1:36.430 1:36.737 -3.18‰
E 1:37.598 1:37.900 -3.09‰
F 1:38.749
G 1:40.936
H 1:46.334
Qty 97.6k


# Car PR Curr.R.Dollars.New.80x80.Shifted F/U

1 FERRARI 360 MODENA 28.5 33.4 47.8
2 PORSCHE CARRERA GT 44.4 52.0 53.8
3 LAMBORGHINI DIABLO SV 32.0 37.0 51.6

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Satrijoe 1:34.254 C LAMBORGHINI DIABLO SV 46.9 Not fun combo.
SBBE 1:34.545 C PORSCHE CARRERA GT 53.8 Looks like B is out of reach for me, but possible with the Porsche for the top shots.
Nick 1:34.572 C PORSCHE CARRERA GT 53.8 What an awful car. Absolutely no grip.
RattleSnack 1:35.514 C PORSCHE CARRERA GT 52.0 (33232) too frustrating for me!
Hansen S 1:37.814 D PORSCHE CARRERA GT 53.8 I don't even know how I got to D without racing...
Albert T 1:44.262 G FERRARI 360 MODENA 33.4 H&G groups

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