RR3 Wiki:Tips and FAQ for The Gauntlet (Season 4) The intention of this page is to keep tips and FAQ for The Gauntlet (Season 4) in one place, which will hopefully help people race this event.

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The Gauntlet (Season 4) is an event in Real Racing 3. It gives the players a chance to win the FORD FUSION (RICHARD PETTY MOTORSPORTS), after the Daytona 500 Update (v4.1.5) was released.


Tips and FAQ History

This is the fourth iteration of a tips and FAQ page:

Each time the tips have improved. Unfortunately due to the way forum posts and blogs work, only the originator RR3 Michael P or Guillejarque can edit the first entry. With Tips and FAQ for Road To Le Mans anyone can edit this page, hopefully this will lead to many more editors adding useful content for everyone’s benefit.

General Tips


Real Racing 3 is a massive game designed by FireMonkeys (FM) to make you want to spend real money on R$ and Icon Gold. Many in this Wikia community have posted comments what they have managed to reach the end of the game without spending any real money. The bottle neck currency is Icon Gold. Read this article on strategy for more information:

  • Strategy - Including why gold is precious.

Time Shifted Multiplayer (TSM)

Read the following about how the time shifted multiplayer affects the AI of the bots, why it's important to win by small margins and how to slow bots down:

  • Time Shifted Multiplayer - TSM algorithm and AI, whys it's important to win by small margins and how to slow bots down

List of Offline Bots Names

This is the bots order (from faster to slower), and their countries:

No. Offline Bots Names with Country Difficulty
1auralpod (Switzerland)Outrageously hard
2Rattlesnack (Italy)
3darknezz (Japan)
4MiceOrMan (France)
5stayFrosty (Spain)
6HoodooVoodoo (Germany)
7Keed07 (Belgium)
8SpeedyParkins (Great Britain)
9Eraser (Canada)
10The Raven (USA)
11Richie Rich (Singapore)
12Ghast (Russia)hard
13fortz99 (New Zealand)
14Modesto Lingerfelter (Netherlands)
15JimBling (Greece)
16merrygold (Denmark)
17_thefreak_ (China)
18Sparx (South Africa)
19Bronson Guthry (Serbia)
20drollted (Sweden)
21PerturB (Switzerland)
22jojo76 (Italy)
23morkRING (Japan)
24oooo! (France)
25Oddly (Spain)normal
26LOLOLOL (Germany)
27JKR (Belgium)
28Jack Knife (Great Britain)
29Existent (Canada)
30The Brioche (USA)
31Kranger (Singapore)
32Pungent Sauce (Russia)
33HeAt (New Zealand)
34mintCrystal (Netherlands)
35turnipage (Greece)easy
36Propeller Factory (Denmark)
37FishMang (China)
38Aaron Doyle (South Africa)
39Weaver (Serbia)
40Eric Hertz (Sweden)
41Batliner (Switzerland)
42Tiesha Francione (Italy)
43Gayle Lokan (Japan)
44Jerrell Omo (France)
45Rosamund Mahula (Spain)
46Brosig (Germany)
47Dane Rabenold (Belgium)
48Marcel Corrigeux (Great Britain)
49Moises Gabby (Canada)obscenely easy

List of The Gauntlet (Season 4) Bots Names

 !  This section needs updating if The Gauntlet (Season 4) has its own set of bots  ! 

This event has a different set of offline bots:

No. The Gauntlet (Season 4) Bots Names Difficulty
1 Outrageously hard
6 hard
11 normal
16 easy
21 obscenely easy

Methods to slow bots down

 !  It is important not to lose a race in The Gauntlet (Season 4) only follow methods of slowing bots and PITing them  ! 

Methods to slow bots down

Track Recommended method to slow bots
Autocross Win by a small margin.

Do not set a low time at the line, tilt B will give better control to coast before the line, if you are too quick or brake and wait at the line, smashing the time will increase the AI.
Win by a small margin

Once ready to go, get to 1st place as quickly as possible and try to slow the bot's down, either spin them out or park in sharp bends / chicanes and stop them passing. By setting a low time, but still coming first, it's still possible to still lower the AI of bots, think about a Time Trial time, if you set a set a slow time it lowers the AI.
Drag Race Win by a small margin

Once ready to go, use the gears to slow the car, once passed the bot go up through the gears, but watch the bot doesn't speed up / close the gap, or if close to the line go down a gear to brake.
Elimination Elimination events are normally of the best opportunities to lower the bots AI, however for Gauntlet events losing it not an option, it is therefore better to look after the car, so prevent damage, either run the race and keep it clean, four wheels on the track, or keep the lead but slow down the bots so the car doesn't travel as far, so takes less damage.
Endurance Endurance events are normally one of the best opportunities to lower the bots AI, however for Gauntlet events losing it not an option, the only way to not increase the AI of the bots is to win by a small margin, as son as 1st is passed stop.
Head To Head Win by a small margin

Once in 1st place, use the same technique as cup events, slow the bot down. Quite often a single bot will not push you once stopped, so you can easily hold it up for 20 seconds, then go for it. Wait at the line to reduced the time set, but still win.
Hunter Win by a small margin

Once passed the 1st place marker, slow down and maintain a small distance advantage ahead, when near the line slow to reduce the distance, but still win. It's also possible to spin out the NISSAN SILVIA (S15) to reach 1st, but be careful not to set a top distance. Final point, the NISSAN SILVIA (S15) can be on a different section as track from you, e.g. If 1st place marker is 1,000 yds behind. The NISSAN SILVIA (S15) could be going flat out down a straight while you’re in a hairpin or chicane, so the 1st place marker is going 1,000 yds behind the NISSAN SILVIA (S15), but travels at the same speed so doesn't slow for the chicane! The worst tracks have chicanes before the finish line, like Spa or Le Mans, learn from any losses, track knowledge will help in future events, sometimes waiting by the line is better, but be aware your stopped and 1st place marker could be going 120 MPH.
Time Trial I haven't seen a TT in a Gauntlet, if there was set a very slow time, keep all four wheels of the car on track, to take the least damage.
Speed Record Win by a small top speed

If your still struggling to reach first place, the start finish straight is normally the longest straight, you can do a U turn and drive the wrong way around the track, so once around the last turn, do another U turn, and blast down the straight, with all assists off, it doesn't matter if you fly off track at turn one. If the start/finish straight isn't the longest you can still use the no assists method to hit the top speed, again it doesn't matter if you fly off track. However once you reach 1st place brake, so you don't increase the AI of bots. In special events challenges there is quite often a no off track clause to stop this technique, forcing an upgrade to hit the required top speed.
Speed Snap Win by a small margin.

Do not set a low time at the line, tilt B will give better control to coast before the line, if you are too quick or brake and wait at the line, smashing the time will increase the AI.

Start / End Strategy

This feature starts 5-Feb and runs for 9 days, there is no strategy to start late.

Cloud Save / Restore

See the Firemonkeys website for full details on cloud save: Cloud Save FAQ

Firemonkey wrote:
Real Racing 3 automatically uploads your save data to the Cloud Servers once every 12 Hours. This means that if you have lost your save data, you can easily restore your previous game progress (including your purchases) and also transfer this save data between devices using the Cloud Save feature.

During events you can use the Cloud Save and Restore feature to your advantage. Before you start every event, manually do a Cloud Save, if you lose do a cloud restore, this will save a long service after the longer, endurance, cup and NASCAR events.

Once you win do another cloud save before you continue the next event, see the FAQ on Firemonkey's website:

It is very important to wait for the screen to display last updated seconds (or minutes) ago. If you have a message stating backup failed, wait another minute, a wheel will turn in the bottom right corner, the message will show last updated seconds (or minutes) ago and Backup to Cloud button will be greyed out too.

If backup still failed, return to the login screen, log off, wait 10 seconds and log on once more, click continue, wait 30 seconds for the login to complete, then try to backup once more.

If you still have problems: log off, then turn aeroplane mode on, wait 10 seconds, turn aeroplane mode off, wait 30 seconds for the wifi to reconnect, login, click continue, wait 30 seconds for the login to complete, then try to backup once more.

The final thing to try, force close the RR3 app, then with the Wifi on, relaunch RR3, then try to backup once more. If this still doesn't work, the FM server is probably having problems, again.

You can also use this technique to save on spending with gold, for example if you want to spend 1 gold on the mechanic, if you win, the mechanic will be used and the car condition will be maintained, but if you don't come first the gold is lost and the car condition will be reduced, if you cloud restore the car will be returned to it previous state and the gold spend (or even free mechanic) returned.

Note: Before you cloud restore, it is important to login into the same Social Profiles you had previously connected to Real Racing, when cloud saving. Especially if multiple Social Profiles are used!


Car Service

How can I service the car when I already finished the boss challenge?

The FORD FUSION (RICHARD PETTY MOTORSPORTS) can only be serviced on boss races. Other cars can be serviced in their car series, if owned or duing non-boss stages.

The Target is too High, How do I Reduce it?

Unlike special events, where losing reduces the target, for Gauntlet events if the challenge is not won, the only option is to restore from cloud, pay to retry (not recommended) or end the run and restart the challenge.

It is possible to force close the challenge, which may reduce the target.

Once the cloud save is completed, before a challenge is started, that challenge is then fixed, meaning if the challenge isn’t successfully completed, a cloud restore will return to the same challenge, giving the option to re-run it again, practice, practice, practice. However this also means if the 'fixed' challenge proves to be too difficult the only option is to end the run.

The Game / Le Mans Keeps crashing

RR3 Michael P wrote:
If you are having problems loading Le-Mans: Le Mans is the biggest data track to load, close the game, go off line (aeroplane mode), try a complete showdown (hold the power for 10 seconds, I think), then start back up, launch the game and turn the Heads-up Display (HUD) off. This helps on my Hudl.

I read a post suggesting using the RR3 Graphics app (AKA RR3 GFX) available from the Google Play Store, (then automatically updating it from their website). The poster advised Le Mans used to crash, but when the graphics is set low, using this app, it loads and plays fine:

When is the last time I can start this Event?

Mr Procrastinator wrote:
According to, it starts March 27 and ends April 2.

Michael P wrote:
Based on historic start and end times the means The Gauntlet S04 will start 27-March @ 00:00 UTC, and will automatically close 7 days later, 2-April @ 23:59 UTC.

Will this event be added to the race career?

This is a new feature; it is unlikely to be added to the career.

Will the car be available to win in the future?

The FORD FUSION (RICHARD PETTY MOTORSPORTS) is available to win if the challenge is completed in 5 days, the FORD FUSION (RICHARD PETTY MOTORSPORTS) can be purchased.

Can I buy the car?

The FORD FUSION (RICHARD PETTY MOTORSPORTS) is available in the Richard Petty Motorsports Champion Cup bonus series and the NASCAR All-Star Series career series, both part of the NASCAR group.

Quote Natalia
If you start to play the event, all upgrades, customization and VIP will remain on the car permanently, whether you acquire it from this event or buy it later.
— Natalia, Agent

What is the minimum PR / upgrades required

RR3 Michael P wrote:
My recommendation is to start the upgrades as soon as the challenge start as they take 12 hours, there is no need to wait for them to complete before doing continuing the events. As soon as level 1 upgrade is complete start level 2 upgrades. Normally only R$ upgrades are required, as long as you slow the bots, see Time Shifted Multiplayer and Methods to slow bots down

How much do the upgrades cost?

Stage PR
Top Speed Acc. Braking Cornering Cost Parts
w/ R$
44.1 197 mph
317 kph
3.52 s 98.0 ft
29.8 m
1.07 g R$3,000,000
Max PR
w/ R$
58.6 213 mph
342 kph
3.22 s 88.0 ft
26.8 m
1.26 g R$7,406,600 27
Max PR
w/ Icon Gold
58.6 213 mph
342 kph
3.22 s 88.0 ft
26.8 m
1.26 g +0 Icon Gold
(1,995 Icon Gold)
Top Speed
164 220 276 332 388 444 500
317 342
8.60 6.73 5.13 3.80 2.73 1.93 1.40
3.52 3.22
51 44 37 30 23 16 9
29.8 26.8
0.6 0.8 1.2 1.8 2.6 3.6 4.8
1.07 1.26

For car details see here:

For full details on upgrades with PR see here:

What is the PR upgraded with R$ for the cars and which series are they in?

As soon as the cars are known it may help to upgrade them to PR with R$, they area available in the following series:

Car PR w/R$ Upgrade
Main Series (may also be in others)
103,000Global Production Pursuit bonus series part of the Amateur group.
51,200Pure Stock Challenge career series part of the Amateur group.
125,500V8 Naturals career series part of the Pro/Am group.
251,200Performance Rumble career series part of the Pro/Am group.
116,700Performance Rumble career series part of the Pro/Am group.
109,400V8 Muscle Hustle and Coupe Clash bonus series, both part of the Pro/Am group..
126,400Pro/Am Supercar Club career series part of the Pro group.
708,600Muscle and Prestige bonus series part of the Expert group.
404,400RWD Open Revolution and Modern Sports Classics bonus series, located in the Pro group

How often are tickets generated?

RR3G'hamO. wrote:
I had 1 ticket when I started a run in early hours of this morning, now after over 12 hours it's 8pm & I have 1 ticket.

6 hours for more tickets!?!?!?

How many tickets do we get when the counter runs down?

I'm guessing it's every 12 hours from starting time for more tickets? Might turn this into a long game to stock up a few :)

RomGuyony wrote:
Yep, 1 ticket every 12 hours. Previous Gauntlets didn't have a cap on how many you could have at one time

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RR3 Michael P wrote:
cloud save before every event, if you lose cloud restore, if you win cloud save and try the next one. wrote:
New method. If you lose, right after you cut finish line, minimalize RR3, close RR3 and start again.

Comments and Tips

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Please post your comments and tips, any information you feel maybe useful, such as:

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  • e.g. Can corners be cut?
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  • If so with what PR/upgrade?
  • What controls Tilt A / B ?
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  • Basically any tips that maybe useful to other racers.
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