RR3 Wiki:Tips and FAQ for The 500 (v5.2.0)

The intention of this page is to keep tips and FAQ for The 500 (v5.2.0) in one place, which will hopefully help people race this event.


Quote Natalia
Take on The 500, a world circuit of demanding endurance challenges.

Complete all the goals in 10 days and you can bring home bonus Gold! Do you want to start now?
— Natalia, Agent
Complete the Goals within the time limit and WIN
100 Icon Gold
Take on The 500, a world circuit of demanding endurance challenges.
— In-game description.
Introducing Flashback Events - your favourite special events returned! This update, The 500, Lions of Leipzig and Ride the Storm.
— What's new in KOENIGSEGG and NISSAN update [v5.2.0].
Flashback Events are available for the entire update. Once you start an event, the others are locked until it is finished.
— In-game information.

The 500 (v5.2.0) is a flashback event in Real Racing 3. It gives the players a chance to win the ASTON MARTIN VANTAGE GTE (2012) or 100 Icon Gold, after Koenigsegg and NISSAN Update (v5.2.0) was updated as a Flashback Event. The 500 (v5.2.0) opened April 17, 2017 and has a 10-day time limit from when the player starts.

The ASTON MARTIN VANTAGE GTE (2012) has been added to Masters of Speed bonus series in the Legend group.

Upon reaching 100% completion in the series are:

The event comprises a wide range of cars, especially the ASTON MARTIN VANTAGE GTE (2012).

Tips for Each Stage

Stage 01

Tips about The 500 (v5.2.0) Stage 01:


RR3 Michael P wrote:
Follow methods to slow bots down

@ wrote:
In Stage 2-5, you can use totally broken car to win by shortcuts.

So don't have to repair the car after 2-3, use the broken cintinuing 2-4 and 2-5

HV2308 (level 251, no assists, manual controls, WTTT timetrial D-E), PR R$ upgrades only 1111111

See the comments on the special events page: some players for some unexplainabele reason get the fastest bots when the event opens.

1.1 & .1.2 were a real struggle. Instead of breezing through because it's day 1 and the car already had 7 upgrades on, I really had to drive at my best & quickest. Bots were really agressive too.

1.3 target around 14 miles (!!). Stopping after a few hundred yards and letting the clock run down helped a bit & restarting helped a bit but not much: still 10+ miles. Tried the suggestion in the comments of going offline. That didn't help at first. I then restarted my device and all of a sudden the target dropped to 5.9 miles. A little contact is allowed, especially from the side.

After that no problems in 1.3, 1.4 & 1.5, even with an unserviced car. Update: did day 2-3-4 mostly unserviced too.

RR3 Michael P wrote:
Endurance events and Elimination events are particularly good to slow the bot's down for future events, next best are Drag Race events, Autocross events and Speed Snap events, see methods to slow bots down.


Credit: RR3 Michael P, and everyone else who have posted comments.

Stage 02

Tips about The 500 (v5.2.0) Stage 02:


RR3 Michael P wrote:
Continue to follow methods to slow bots down

@ wrote:
Just finished stage 2. To me it was easier than stage one. Finished the last goal with 9 gallons of fuel left and 3000 yards ahead of second place. I was connected and the race was not against the drones. I almost didn't have to use the brakes, only when I got carried away :). Car is upgraded to L1, no gcs spent so far. It looks like I had an easier time than many of you. Maybe I'm lucky
@ wrote:
Done with stage2. Tip: use broken car for last 2 events.
@ wrote:
I did 1st step of upgrades (the R$ ones), and my car was unserviced, i won 2.5 at first attempt (i had lost on purpose the previous "elimination" race, staying still at start, to lower the AI performance), and it was quite easy.

You just have to avoid breaking as much as possible, in order to spare fuel; you have 4 litres for each lap, and i think they're enough; i was extremely cautious, i finished the race with 4 litres left. My tip is to cut the last U turn before finish line, and try not to break before corners, there are only few corners which require breaking, i'd say the first 2 U corners at the beginning, but after you get to the first position and have some advantage there's no hurry. And you can cut also the first U turn, so you won't have to break. .......i always lose on purpose before servicing the car, and service it only if it's impossible to win, like, in speed snap where the "minimum" speed to beat is (say) 290 Km/h, and unserviced car car reach only 275. If the race is long like Stage 2.5 it is still worth spending some time on it, for example, to learn how to finish it without breaking, and where it's worth using some more fuel.


@IEcLiPsEI95 wrote:
In Stage 2-5, you can use totally For those with fuel management: learn to stop accelerating when near a corner so that you don't have to brake before the corner and when in straight line, don't go far with your speed

Play it with low assist or no assist


Credit: RR3 Michael P,,,, IEcLiPsEI95... and everyone else who have posted comments.

Stage 03

Tips about The 500 (v5.2.0) Stage 03:


RR3 Michael P wrote:
Continue to follow methods to slow bots down

@ wrote:
Chapter 3 last stage...10laps manual acceleration n brakes n a fuel limit too(i am stuck here because of car service time) ... rest is easily done..without even servicing the car....
@ wrote:
finally finished the 3rd stage with unserviced car, Last goal took some work, but left with 2.08 units of fuel at the end.
@ wrote:
With a serviced car, I had 6.9 left. Should be straightforward for most.
@User:NikolaR wrote:
Almost finished 3rd satge... Started it with a serviced car, only upgraded with the first round (only R$). Won the first event easily. Then I won the two Autocross for the first time in Hockenheimring, but lost deliberately so many times to decrease the opponents' performance. So the car was absolutely unserviced. The first goal was crossing the finish line at least with 238 kph. Then I turned off the wifi, the goal had been 227 kph. Making so many attempts the required speed reduced to 217 kph when I won. The next two (3-3, 3-4) events were piece of cake. Finally started the last event, but it seemed to be harder, so decided to complete it with a serviced car.

... So finished it after the 2 hours servicing. I can say it was quite easy, finished it with big vantage. Here' s a screenshot just before the finish line:

Talk:The 500/@comment-NikolaR-20150329080934/@comment-NikolaR-20150329102950 As you can see, more than 7 litres of fuel left, and the second car was 854 m behind me.

@ wrote:
In the previous series the lift an coast was discussed. It's not a secret. Also, lift off the gas a little sooner and brake a little later. Not much speed or time lost. Gas tapping around tight turns keeps up the speed without spinning out or requiring brakes.

If all else fails use your losses as training and for softening the bots at the same time.

It's about getting better, not just crusing through a series, getting another among 90 cars and learning nothing.

@User:RR3 Michael P wrote:
I've just finished stage 3, only 7 (R$ only) upgrades. Event 5 was the tricky one, I tried with a broken car, I could catch the 1st place car, but ran out of fuel on the last lap :-( After a repair I did it quite easily :-)

My method was to drive as fast as possible, until I could reach 1st place. Then coast / fuel save, by going flat out down the straights but lift long before the bends, trying not to break. Each time a car tried to overtake, I spun them as they passed, by swiping their tail. After the top cars had been spun out a few times I could easily maintain a lead. I could save lots of fuel, especially when I reached lapped cars, I could coast around the outside of bends, while they parked on the inside of the corners. The bots AI is awful when passing slower cars too. I finished with 9 fuel remaining.

@ wrote:
for all you people saying you're running out of fuel

look at the amount given at the start of the race, divide by the number of laps, then aim to get lower than that each lap (30 units of fuel, 10 laps, 3 units per lap) Use a big burst of power to get to the front of the pack, then start fuel saving. Try to leave enough so that you can make a final sprint in the last couple laps in case you get overtaken.

@User:Na299 wrote (in response to a request for help):
Oh, that one is annoying and it really irritated me. But after I tried dozens of times last night and finally made it with 2 left. (Each time I felt no hope to win, I quit and restored from cloud. Because I was also using the level up glitch to get more gold, so the opponents were not weaken, I think. That is why I had to try so many times and I almost gave it up)

My observation is fuel saving is not necessary, at least in the beginning. I tried to catch up the first one in the first two laps so I did not try to save fuel, but it turned out I only used a little more than 3 (like 3.1) in first lap and a little less than 3 in second. The bots (or TSM players) I faced were rather strong since I won quite a few races in a row, and some with big margin. As a result, I could not save much fuel even after I got 1st place because the 2nd one was always 100m behind me... Yet it seems that 2.9 is enough for each lap.

Back on the circuit, I really dislike Hockenhermring. I am not good at it even with auto-acceleration and low brake assist, let alone it is night version. But here is what I could suggest based on my race:

1. Because it is night, so avoid damaging the lights. Otherwise you would face darkness in some segements of the raceway and it can be hard for you to tell when to brake.

2. Do not brake in the first turn, just lift up the gas a little before the turn.

3. Do not try to save fuel in the 2nd or 3rd turn. And if you are not very used to manual braking, remember the braking point by observing the opponents. And when you reach 1st, you can lift up gas a little earler and brake a little late so you can save a little fuel....

4. Do not brake in the 4th turn and just lieft up the gas a little, do the same with 6th turn.

5. You can try to save fuel in 7th turn, but do not care it too much, brake when your speed is more than 210kph. (I passed it with 200 once, but most time I passed it just around 170)

6. Do not brake for the last two turns. But left up gas earlier. (The second but last may require a little braking depending the speed you are on)

If you have time, maybe you could just fail a few times and some say they can win it with an unserviced car...


RR3G'hamO. wrote:
So far through stage 3 it's easy running, only R$ upgrades & given up on bot control because it's boring waiting for them, 3.1 is a good one to slow them I took a few tries and they dropped quickly 3.3 you can get away with some light damage and easily finish far ahead. 3.5 I got cracked windscreen early on & still had 1 litre of fuel after racing as normal, finished ~1,000 yds ahead of Keed07, cars servicing ready for stage 4 today :)

Credit: RR3 Michael P, RR3G'hamO., ... and everyone else who have posted comments.

Stage 04

Tips about The 500 (v5.2.0) Stage 04:


RR3 Michael P wrote:
Continue to follow methods to slow bots down

@User:StanSteel wrote:
The last 2 events of stage 4 can be done with a non serviced car. I did this thinking no way..... But once your in front it's actually quite easy. The last event has more fuel than u need. Just coast into the corners, & drift down the straights. It's fun!!!! Once your in front just enjoy the skill you are learning. Best event so far... & YES IM SWEATING. Ha!!!!!
@ wrote:
Finished Stage 4 in 4 hours (one service). Car so far not upgraded at all. E-A-S-Y.
@User:NikolaR wrote:
4 hours, LOL! I started it with a serviced car, after the first race (3 laps SPA) I did not service the car, but tried about 8-10 times to win the speed snap. So the rest races were waaaay easy to win. Completed the stage within 70 minutes.
@User:StanSteel wrote:
4 hours and then 70 mins....WAT!!!!!!! I did it in less than an hr...Chinese on the first event, the rest was easy......both 4th & 5th events I did with a non serviced car....u should always use the girl for double fame on all the last events if there are gonna be a lot of laps!...u gotta practice the drifting more with Manuel breaks and acceleration.
@User:Rodney Yates wrote:
Wow, finally made it through Stage 4.5 which was quite a battle. Took almost 2 laps to get into the lead in the Aston with ZERO upgrades. Thought I could get some rest after taking the lead but there was always someone within 100–200 meters. Won by 150 meters with half a unit of fuel left. Pfffew! Took the plunge and ordered all the 1st level R$ upgrades. Hope that will help tomorrow. I've got 1100 GC to spent but I'm not willing to do that solely on upgrades for this car, how fabulous it may be.

RR3 Michael P wrote:
Endurance events and Elimination events are particularly good to slow the bot's down for future events, next best are Drag Race events, Autocross events and Speed Snap events, see methods to slow bots down.


Credit: RR3 Michael P, ... and everyone else who have posted comments.

Stage 05

Tips about The 500 (v5.2.0) Stage 05:


RR3 Michael P wrote:
Continue to follow methods to slow bots down

@ wrote:
5.3 - Tip: Stay inside on the first corner and hug the barrier, you should pass most of the field. For the rest, get on the tail and pass at next corner, don't risk diving down the inside and get damage. Once in first do most passes round the outside. This stage is possible because I have just done it.
@ wrote:
So the stage 5-3 can be; lapping 8 cars without damage through 7 laps in Melbourn track. But, it allows slight damage to a certain amount and the AI drivers are rather slow. So,taking your time to catch the right moments to overtake, it can be done. I became the first in 4 laps and could lap 9 cars.
HV2308 (level 251, no assists, manual controls, WTTT timetrial D-E), PR 76.1 R$ upgrades only 1111111

5.3 Apart from the first left hander and the following chicane after the start, where you dive down the inside and pass half the field, the easiest way to pass the bots is on the outside of the corners. They are slow in the corners and tend to take a predictable inside line (they steer in late and are so slow you have

Quite a lot of contact is allowed (especially from side on), just don't hit them full on the back bumper.

After having lapped 8 backmarkers, you should be around 1200-1500 yards in front of 2nd place. To manage the bots, you can slow down and let 2nd place catch up, so winning by only a small margin and in a much slower time. The backmarkers you just overtook will pass you back and unlap themselves, but the counter will stay on 8 no problem.
@User:NikolaR wrote:
A tip for the first goal in stage 5. You just need to take the fastest lap. So NO NEED TO WIN! Here's how I managed to complete: Turned the manual acceleration and did not start the car. After about 45 seconds turned back to automatic acceleration and started the car. Of course, the first lap was waaay too long time, BUT: I started the second lap with rolling and had not to overtake any cars! The second lap was quite fast (the faster) and no overtaking cars. The last lap I only overtook 4 cars carefully, but the goal finished successfully.
@ wrote:
Stage 05 very easy. 5.1 - just wait 45 secs at start as others have said. 5.3 just take your time. I was in 1st place by early 3rd lap and made the passes with more than a lap to spare. I then tried 5.4 a few times WITHOUT servicing to bring the speed requirement down to 203 mph. I then serviced and beat it first time with a speed of 207 mph. Then straight into 5.5 with a serviced car and had 8.83 litres left at the end and lapped the whole field. Suzuka tomorrow
@User:RR3 Michael P wrote:
5.2 - Start the race, park in the 1st chicane for 10 seconds, the other cars will start pushing, hold them by pressing your break, don't let them pass, then take your time and finish with a time more than 1m 10s.
@User:RR3 Michael P wrote:
> I can't get past 5.4 the Panamora speed record without going off track!
I tried a couple of times with a broken car, then repaired and success. I managed it with 7 upgrades, target was 205 mph, I could get to 207.

Make sure you cloud save before you start and after a handful of failed attempts try a cloud restore and retry the next method. Sometimes the AI is still reduced after the restore.

Try off line - if you've been on-line, you must do a force close too.

Try on line - sometimes the AI target is different.

Try loosing by a big margin, but don't retry, instead complete and then re-enter the race - this takes more time but works.

Try repeat, repeat , repeat, again loose by a big margin, don't come higher than 4th.

Sorry this takes so much time, but the AI will reduce. With a cloud restore it quicker than a 2 hour service!

JPHARP030456 : The trick which worked for me for 5.4 was :

. Go off-line

. Start the event

. Stop the event via QUIT when the green lights come on (do not drive). Do not force close.

. The initial goal of 319 kph went down with 0.3 kph per QUIT (+-20 times), stabilizing around 313 kph.

. 313 kph was absolutely doable. (BA low or BA off)

HV2308 (level 251, no assists, manual controls, WTTT timetrial D-E), PR 76.1 R$ upgrades only 1111111

Can confirm this. I had a target of 217 mph (at PR 76.1 you can only do 212) => went offline and into aeroplane mode (just in case!), target dropped to 208 mph.

5.4 Hitting the long downhill straight with as much speed as possible is crucial. Don't go too fast approaching the last lefthander onto the long downhill straight. Stay hign & right, close to the barrier. Then full throttle, cut towards the inside of the corner. The accelaration will cause you to drift to the right hand barrier but without touching it or skidding ( If that happens you've accelarated too early or approached the corner too fast & you're done: might as well restart). Keep going full, over the hill and you should reach the target around where the straight bends right slightly. Then steer into the wall and brake full.

It's wise to keep to the right of the track after the hill and the slight rightturn, so you can use the wall to slow you down as soon as possible.

RR3 Michael P wrote:
Endurance events and Elimination events are particularly good to slow the bot's down for future events, next best are Drag Race events, Autocross events and Speed Snap events, see methods to slow bots down.


Credit: RR3 Michael P, ... and everyone else who have posted comments.

Stage 06

Tips about The 500 (v5.2.0) Stage 06:


RR3 Michael P wrote:
Continue to follow methods to slow bots down

@User:Cyp75 wrote:
For 6.2 (speed record) here is my tip : when race starts go backward (reverse) until the first corner, and then go back in good direction. So you will have the long finish line to reach the highest speed.

You can also disable break assist to gain few more km/h... (you will go offtrack but no matter for this event)

@User:RR3 Michael P wrote:
Stage 6 complete, just 7, level 1, R$ upgrades.
6.5 took a few tries, when I stopped messing around, trying to side swipe the lead cars to spin them out, and just concentrated for 20 mins it was straight forward. I found once I got in the lead, I could then park at the hair pin and again at the chicane, before the start / finish straight, which slowed the other cars down, making the AI cars slower. After a few laps of this I could just coast around save lots of fuel and take the win.


A method which helped me a lot for 6.5 was the following

1. Get to second position

2. Coast in the wake of the leader, using him as a guideline for braking, accelerating... even often using him as a braking aid. This minimizes the risk of going off-track.

3. Do this until lap 9 in the beginning of the S-curves. The lead car will be very slow in this area, giving you a very good chance to take a comfortable lead to the finish.


Credit: RR3 Michael P, ... and everyone else who have posted comments.

Stage 07

Tips about The 500 (v5.2.0) Stage 07:


RR3 Michael P wrote:
Continue to follow methods to slow bots down

7.4.2 Speed Record at Indi has proved to be a problem to many, see The Target is too high in FAQ below 


. Once again tedious, but money in the bank tip for 7.4.2.

. Go off-line.

. Lose the race 8 times in a row without exceeding 200 kph (not as easy as it looks). Target dropped from 345.5 to 330.8 kph.

. Go on-line and service your car. (I did it via my garage screen; already own the car)

. Do not restart the event while being on-line!!! The target will be reset to 345+.

. Restart the event off-line. The 330.8 target should not be a problem.

@ wrote:
>7.5 any tips?

>I run out of fuel trying to stay ahead of competition >U have 6 units of gas that is 2 per lap. 1st Lap flat out to get ahead. Once ahead block and use momentum or bot behind. Do this entering the turns.

First lap I used 2.25 units. I finished with .15 to spare.

@User:StipeP wrote:
Just did it.(7.5) Went clean ahead in first corner, full speed until last corner where they dropped do +250m. Then it was simple cruising and maintaining +100m(straights) to +250m(corners) advantage
@ wrote:
Just did 7.1 at second attempt and with unserviced car. Trick is to keep it soft at all times. Use manual acc and brks. No rush. Keep to low speeds except on two long straights. I did not get into lead until well into the second lap. Be patient!

.. Oh and I was offline with Fishmang as lead car.

@ wrote:
.. just finished stage 7 with no gold upgrades. For the speed record, the most I could get out of the car was 206 mph just before turn 3. Requirement started at 210, then down to 209, then up to 214 and when I thought it was going to be a long nightmare, 204.6 or something like that. So I went out and beat it. The speed snap I don't even remember having done it. So it was a piece of cake for me.

In fact, stage 7 was the easiest so far, completed it all in less than one hour. Goal 7.5 needed two tries. The first try I was running out of gas so I coasted and got last place. Second try was much easier and I managed with 0.1 gas left. I was in first place in turn 2 in the first lap, but I could never open any significant advantage to the second place car because of the need to save fuel. ...... Hit continue with wifi on. I ran 7.1 thru 7.3 and then didn't service the car and ran the 7.4.2 Speed Record about 10 times and it dRopped from 210 down to 201 mph. I then serviced the car and completed it with no problem.

One tip that I would recommend is that when you win races win by only a small margin. I could easily clobber the bots but choose to back off the throttle to only win by a small margin. This keeps me in an easier difficulty level and allows me to breeze through all levels. Note - I have run the whole thing on only level 1 gold. I have zero problems the entire time.

@ wrote:
I did Hunter with a fully damaged car. When 1st place dropped to -39 meters I've just won with a little below.
@User:RR3 Michael P wrote:
7.3. Get in front and try to keep the bot close. On the finish straight gently, so not to loose traction, swerve from left to right to force the bot to brake and keep close behind you, you have to win by a maximum of 20 yards. Use Tilt B - manual acceleration and brake to have better control. I managed it with a broken car, just keep trying, the AI will reduce.

JPHARP030456 : The trick which worked for me for 7.1 was the same as for 5.4 :

. Go off-line

. Start the event

. Stop the event via QUIT when the green lights come on (do not drive). Do not force close.

. The initial top bots time went down with +- 2" per QUIT (+-20 times), going down from 4:10 to 4:45.

. With the top bot @ 4:45, the laps could be run very slowly, thus avoiding any discomfort.


Credit: RR3 Michael P, ... and everyone else who have posted comments.

Stage 08

Tips about The 500 (v5.2.0) Stage 08:


@ wrote:
Stage 8 very very easy. Even after goal 1 I didn't need to service the car. PR 76.1 enough all level 1 R$ upgrades. ..
@User:Leckie337 wrote:
Stage 8 seemed to be the easiest yet. Completed it on both iPhone and iPad in just under 2 and a half hours. Nervous that the last stage was going to be more difficult than it was I drove very carefully and finished 12th with 9 gallons to spare. Decided when I did it on my phone to go out and do the best I could, so finished first and lapped 19 cars and still had Almost 4.5 gallons left. Expect I'll pay for that tomorrow as firemonkeys aren't keen on smart arses doing ok so will have a speed snap of 10 miles per hour faster than the car can actually reach
@ wrote:
8.5 Seemed like a handful, but with some patience, I actually mananged to finished 1st (around 500m from 2nd) with about 3.5 units of fuel left. The best tip is to find shortcuts within the track and ALWAYS make sure you dont consume more than 3 liters of fuel each lap. I wasnt going to waste my gold on that race!
@ wrote:
Level 8.3: What a joke! Finished 11,000 yards ahead of second place car (about four minutes faster) and lapped him twice. All with level one upgrades and completely trashed/unserviced car.

Stage 09

Tips about The 500 (v5.2.0) Stage 09:


RR3 Michael P wrote:
9.1 The trick with fuel save events is to lift off the accelerator, before the braking zone and coast into the corners, a little more speed can be carried though the corners, it does take some practice. Only brake as a last resort. Turn assists off especially TC and brakes (if not off anyway).

9.3 is not possible to reach 205 mph at the finish line with only level 1 upgrades, (7 upgrades / 27) this is the only event that is not possible, without spending at least 250 ~ 304 GC, it is therefore recommended to skip event 9.3 for 45 GC. UPDATE: See See post by @Guillejarque 9.3 may have been reduced in speed, try the event before you have to skip, if the target it 180 MHP (290 KPH) you should be able to complete with only level 1 upgrades.

@ wrote:
Try upgrading maximum of 17/27 and you could easily win all goals..You could also win the Head to Head event without servicing your car i.e on critical engine condition.. I find out this 'The 500' event was quite easy compared to the previous event..
@ wrote:
Day 9 easy as with the rest of the days. My car is fully upgraded spent many a happy hour racing Le Mans.
@ wrote:
9.1 ... Tip - Don't service the car after this
9.2 ... number vinyls are free.
@ wrote:
9.2 .. You can get back original vinyls by pressing paint and then factory and selecting the paint colour again. It works on all cars
@ wrote:
Q: How hard was 9.5 ??? Any idea by how much distance did you beat the only guy A: The only guy was Michael and I lapped him.
@ wrote:
Note - I had to pay the 45 Gold to skip 9.3, I wasn't even close. the best I could get was 196 mph (6 upgrades). This is very much against my policy, it is the first event I have ever skipped and I would rather invest the Gold in the car. But on this one I still don't think I would get it with all the L2 upgrades. I will consider it a 45 Gold purchase of the car and if I have won 80 Gold for the challenge then I am still ahead anyway.
@User:RR3 Michael P wrote:
I've spend the last hour experimenting, 305 gold for all level 2 upgrades and then all level 3 (if you have time R$) PR 83.9 21/27. I could just get to 205 mph after a few attempts, breaks are off anyway, I turned TC off and steering low. I'm doing a cloud restore and will wait for the level 10 goals, I think 45 gold to skip is better than 305!
@ wrote:
For 9.3 u require 82.7 PR, 19/27 upgrades, which is about 250 GC.
@ wrote:
(Talking about rr3 guru on YouTube [1] )
He does it with 82.7 PR, He reaches 204MPH with 81.6 PR. Thats 19/27 upgrades.
@ wrote:
RRGuru had level 3 upgrades on engine, drivetrain, body, suspension, and level 1 on exhaust, brakes but failed. Upgraded level 2 exhaust and level 4 body with GC, and level 3 exhaust and level 5 body with R$, but that didn't take any effect on performance because of 2 days development. In the video he didn't show the tire upgrade, but I assume he has level 1 only.
@ wrote:
After spending nearly 24 hours trying to pass Stage 9.3, I finally did it with 16/27 upgrades and PR 80.9. It was so frustrating when I was at 15/27 upgrades PR 80.3 that I did 204 mph I nearly broke my iPad in anger! Managed to level up after doing heaps of normal event driving to collect the level up gold, which gave me 32 gold. I have no more gold left, so I hope the final day events won't be too hard, otherwise all my suffering will be in vain! :P
@ wrote:

Drive to the 50m sign before the last turn, left side. Advance one pole and stop there. Fully accelerate until finish.

If you slide in the turn, stop immediately and go backwards, start over (driving backwards doesn't consume fuel). You need approx. 1 unit of fuel for that.

Barely done with 20/27 upgrades.

@Puching wrote:

Completed 9.3 with 80 PR 2331311 after about 15 tries, the trick is to use the whole width of the track in the last corner. The critical corner point, at my PR, has a skidding speed of about 180~185 kmph, so you have to aproach that spot at a lower speed (would say about 170kmph) in order accelerate before reaching it and make use of the acceleration and wide corner, dont try to get close to the right limit just make as many attempts as you need to know the spot that change turn rate in that corner.

Stage 10

Tips about The 500 (v5.2.0) Stage 10:


10.2 Take your time going around the circuit, turn TC off and launch over the chicane, you can pause the game before the chicane and switch controls. If you skid and don't think you will made it to 140 mpg, stop and reverse , as you don't use fuel while reversing, to the first of the two chicanes and then gun it.

@ wrote:
Tip: Start accelerating before the final chicane and accelerate straight through it to get to 140 mph.
For reference, I only have 6 L1 upgrades. All straightforward.
@ wrote:
Q (from @, someone please tell me 10.2 is doable only with R$ upgrades. A: Its possible. Conserve fuel and gun it end chicane ull get it.
User:ConicalFern wrote:
Q: (from Will I be able to get the car in the end if I skip 9.3? Never did that before, but don't have time to wait for lvl3 upgrades, and don't have gold to make them immediately... A: Yes. Why would they give you option to skip, if you didn't get the car?
@ wrote:
Completed 10.5 with 11 units of fuel left. Did the one lap ahead overtake at about lap 9. Just cruise at roughly 230+km/h and cut through the final 2 chicanes and flatout. You have to cut corners here and there. Tip: after long straights, aim to be about 150 km/h for the bends ahead. Let off about 300 km/h and just cruise all the way. Brake/ accelerate if needed. Good luck.

Start / End Strategy

The player has 10 days to complete the 10 stages, the event is 10 days x 24 hours. The first stage will start the time the player starts it, the last stage will end 10 x 24 hours later. As stage 01 is normally straight forward and can be completed without an upgrade or service, it can be started late in the day, it doesn't matter if stage 01 isn't completed the first day, it can continued the following day. Stage 02, will automatically unlock at midnight, but can only be raced once stage 01 is complete. Stage 03 will unlock at midnight the following day, and so on up to stage 10. In total there will be 10 x 24 hours = 240 hours to complete all stages.

For example:

Start Thu @ 7:30 PM the event will end 10 days x 24 hours later, Sunday @ 7:30 PM,

Day Day Day Day Day Day Day
Stage 1
Thu from 19:30Fri from 19:30Sat from 19:30Sun from 19:30Mon from 19:30Tue from 19:30Wed from 19:30
Stage 2FriSatSunMonTueWedThu
Stage 3SatSunMonTueWedThuFri
Stage 4SunMonTueWedThuFriSat
Stage 5MonTueWedThuFriSatSun
Stage 6TueWedThuFriSatSunMon
Stage 7WedThuFriSatSunMonTue
Stage 8ThuFriSatSunMonTueWed
Stage 9FriSatSunMonTueWedThu
Stage 10SatSunMonTueWedThuFri
Stage 10
Sun until 19:30Mon until 19:30Tue until 19:30Wed until 19:30Thu until 19:30Fri until 19:30Sat until 19:30

You need to choose the best time for you to start The 500 (v5.2.0) event, or more importantly when is the best time for you to end the event!

RR3 Michael P wrote (pre-race tip):
Ideally, for racers who are busy Monday to Friday and have the weekend free, the best day and time to start is as late as possible Thu, as long as it's before midnight, meaning stage 10 of the event can be completed over two days, the following Saturday and Sunday. It will be open for 6 weeks, as the next release is expected May 29. Keep an eye out for adverts to start the event and watch for a countdown to start. Once started the event can be run, even if it's closed to new racers.

Cloud Save / Restore

It is important to cloud save before every race, for full details see RR3 Wiki:Real Racing 3 Tips and FAQ#Cloud Save / Restore

General Tips


  • Strategy - Including why gold is precious.

Time Shifted Multiplayer (TSM)

  • Time Shifted Multiplayer - TSM algorithm and AI, whys it's important to win by small margins and how to slow bots down

List of Offline Bots Names

See RR3 Wiki:Real Racing 3 Tips and FAQ#List of Offline Bots Names

List of The 500 (v5.2.0) Bots Names

See RR3 Wiki:Real Racing 3 Tips and FAQ#List of Offline Bots Names

Methods to slow bots down

See RR3 Wiki:Real Racing 3 Tips and FAQ#Methods to slow bots down


How can I service the car when I already finished the day?

If the final car service is missed, after the final event on the day, the soonest it can service is at midnight (local time), when the next stage opens.

The Target is too High, How do I Reduce it?

See RR3 Wiki:Real Racing 3 Tips and FAQ#The Target is too High, How do I Reduce it?

The Game / Le Mans Keeps crashing

See RR3 Wiki:Real Racing 3 Tips and FAQ#The Game / Le Mans Keeps crashing

When is the last time I can start this Event?

The exact date is unknown, probabily 10 days before the release is due to end, so May 19, allowing 10 days to run this event.

The way FM display the date isn't very clear, they use a rounding factor. The days and hours remaining, to start, is changing at mid day or on the half hour. The closing date and time displayed is a cautious closing date and time. Keep an eye out for adverts to start the event and watch for a countdown to start. Once started the event can be run, even if it's closed to new racers.

Will this event be added to the race career?

FM went though a spell of adding special events to the racing career, the last time a special event was added was September 2015 v3.6, NASCAR Academy was added directly to the NASCAR career, without previously being released as a Time Limited Event (TLE). Previous to that was April 2015 v3.3, with Redline: Origins and MotorFiesta 1. It is therefore unlikely this event will be added to the racing career.

Will the car be available to win in the future?

The ASTON MARTIN VANTAGE GTE (2012) is available to win if the challenge is completed in 10 days, the ASTON MARTIN VANTAGE GTE (2012) is already available to purchase.

Can I buy the car?

The ASTON MARTIN VANTAGE GTE (2012) is available in two series:

This vehicle was added in the Aston Martin Racing Update (v3.2) released in March 2015. It can be unlocked by earning 17 trophies in Masters of Speed or 3 trophies in RACING SPIRIT.

This vehicle can be acquired for 720 Icon Gold or 576 Icon Gold with showcase discount. It has previously been featured in The 500, a challenge which gave players the opportunity to win the Vantage GTE for free if they successfully completed all of the goals given in 10 days.

Quote Natalia
If you start to play the event, all upgrades, customizations and VIP will remain on the car permanently, whether you acquire it from this event or buy it later.
— Natalia, Agent

What is the minimum PR / upgrades required

RR3 Michael P wrote (pre-race):
This is a copy of the original The 500 special event, pre-Generations, there are no recommended PR levels. Slowing the bots works well. Possible upgrade strategies:

No. Description Upgrade R$ Icon Gold
1Upgrade the car with R$ only and slow the bots. PR76.1
749,400 45 Icon Gold

RR3 Michael P wrote:
During the first The 500 special event, the ASTON MARTIN VANTAGE GTE (2012) was won with 7/27 (1111111) PR76.1, but I had to pay 45 Icon Gold to skip 9.3

How much do the upgrades cost?

Stage PR
Top Speed Acc. Braking Cornering Cost Parts
w/ Icon Gold
72.2 206 mph
331 kph
2.59 s 90.0 ft
27.4 m
1.52 g 720 Icon Gold
(576 Icon Gold)
Max PR
w/ R$
212 mph
341 kph
2.47 s 87.8 ft
26.7 m
1.60 g R$749,400
Max PR
w/ Icon Gold
232 mph
373 kph
2.15 s 84.0 ft
25.6 m
1.74 g +780 Icon Gold
(2,148 Icon Gold)
Top Speed
164 220 276 332 388 444 500
331 373
8.60 6.73 5.13 3.80 2.73 1.93 1.40
2.59 2.15
51 44 37 30 23 16 9
27.4 25.6
0.6 0.8 1.2 1.8 2.6 3.6 4.8
1.52 1.74

For car details see here:

For full details on upgrades with PR see here:

Useful Pages

See RR3 Wiki:Real Racing 3 Tips and FAQ#Useful Pages


Calculated benefits of the event:

Date: ##start date## ##end date## Difference
Icon Gold

(Can be calculated from the figures before starting day and figures after completion of the special challenge)

Credit and Thanks

Many of the tips and FAQ have been combined from posts left by this RR3 wiki community, a big credit needs to go to this excellent community. Also, thank you, to everyone who have left comments and tips, for this challenge.

Comments and Tips

If you have any tips, please either edit the relevant section of this page and add them yourself or leave comments on the The 500 (v5.2.0) Comments and an editor will add them later.

Please post your comments and tips, any information you feel maybe useful, such as:

  • What stage and event you are leaving a tip for, this can be shortened e.g. Tip for 1.3 is for stage 01 event 3
  • What problems you had and how to overcome the problems?
  • e.g. Can corners be cut?
  • Can an event be run with a broken car?
  • If so with what PR/upgrade?
  • What controls Tilt A / B ?
  • What assists - brakes high / low /off ? TC on / off?
  • Basically any tips that maybe useful to other racers.
  • If you are anonymous feel free to sign a name or handle.

One of the editors will summarise them and add them to the relevant event, if there is anything missing please post a comment or tip to The 500 (v5.2.0) Comments and let us know ;-)