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The intention of this page is to keep tips and FAQ for NASCAR Academy in one place, which will hopefully help people race this event.
Charge full throttle into your NASCAR career!
— In-game description


NASCAR Academy is a special event added with the NASCAR Update (v3.6) and is the first event in the NASCAR group. Completing NASCAR Academy unlocks NASCAR Talent Tour. All stages are unlocked from the beginning. In the Daytona 500 Update (v4.1.5), the vehicle used changed from the FORD FUSION (NASCAR ACADEMY) to the CHEVROLET SS (NASCAR ACADEMY), while some goals changed, accommodating Daytona International Speedway.

The event focusus on learning the techniques for NASCAR driving, while driving the CHEVROLET SS (NASCAR ACADEMY)

Tips for Each Stage

Stage 01

Tips about NASCAR Academy Stage 01:


RR3 Michael P wrote:
Follow methods to slow bots down

Goal 1.1: NASCAR at Indianapolis Motor Speedway (Rolling Start) - Speedway [1 Lap] - Draft for 2000 yd (1829 m) without overtaking

RR3 Michael P wrote:
Stay on the bumper of the lead car, there is no need to win, the event will automatically complete when the counter reaches 2,000 yds (1,829 m)

Goal 1.2: NASCAR at Richmond International Raceway (Rolling Start) [3 Laps] - Finish this event in the top 6

RR3 Michael P wrote:
Starting 12th, work your way though the cars, inside overtake is normally good at turn 1, as the cars stretch out keep to the outside, once in 6th block the cars behind and stay in 6th.

Goal 1.3: NASCAR at Daytona International Speedway - Speedway (Rolling Start) [2 Laps] - Finish in the top 10

RR3 Michael P wrote:
Starting 16th this time, make you way to 10th and then block the cars behind, Inside overtake at turn 1, hug the yellow line and don't break, then stay in 10th to win, use the car behind to push slipsteam you to stay ahead.

Goal 1.4: Autocross at Silverstone - The International Circuit - Finish this event in the top 3

RR3 Michael P wrote:
Standard Autocross finish in the top 3.

Credit: RR3 Michael P, ... and everyone else who have posted comments.

Stage 02

Tips about NASCAR Academy Stage 02:


RR3 Michael P wrote:
Continue to follow methods to slow bots down

Goal 2.1: Finish in the top 3 in any event

RR3 Michael P wrote:
Choose one event and go for it, using the skills you have learnt, although you only need to finish in the top 3, bot slowing does not apply, so win by a big margin. Have fun :)

Credit: RR3 Michael P, ... and everyone else who have posted comments.

Start / End Strategy

RR3 Michael P wrote:
There is no strategy, you need to complete 5 events to unlock NASCAR Talent Tour

Cloud Save / Restore

It is important to cloud save before every race, for full details see RR3 Wiki:Real Racing 3 Tips and FAQ#Cloud Save / Restore

General Tips


  • Strategy - Including why gold is precious.

Time Shifted Multiplayer (TSM)

  • Time Shifted Multiplayer - TSM algorithm and AI, whys it's important to win by small margins and how to slow bots down

List of Offline Bots Names

See RR3 Wiki:Real Racing 3 Tips and FAQ#List of Offline Bots Names

List of NASCAR Academy Bots Names

This event has a different set of offline bots, that are also common to NASCAR Group.

No. NASCAR Academy
3 A. Dillon
440 Best
264 Burke
306 Crosby
362 F. Martyn
202 G. Bennett
231 Galloway
107 Gooch
191 Human
124 K. Sims
181 Miller
271 Noonan
17 Stenhouse Jr.
124 Wake
231 Yount

Methods to slow bots down

See RR3 Wiki:Real Racing 3 Tips and FAQ#Methods to slow bots down


How can I service the car when I already finished the day?

The car isn't locked betweek stages, so can be serviced at ay time.

The Target is too High, How do I Reduce it?

See RR3 Wiki:Real Racing 3 Tips and FAQ#The Target is too High, How do I Reduce it?

The Game / Le Mans Keeps crashing

See RR3 Wiki:Real Racing 3 Tips and FAQ#The Game / Le Mans Keeps crashing

When is the last time I can start this Event?

There is no time limit to cmplete this event, NASCAR Talent Tour will not unlock until it is completed.

Will this event be added to the race career?

This event was added in September 2015 v3.6, NASCAR Academy was added directly to the NASCAR career, without previously being released as a Time Limited Event (TLE).

Will the car be available to win in the future?

The CHEVROLET SS (NASCAR ACADEMY) is not available to win it has to be purchased from NASCAR Talent Tour

Can I buy the car?

The CHEVROLET SS (NASCAR ACADEMY) is available in the NASCAR Talent Tour career series in the NASCAR group.

This vehicle can be acquired for R$30,000, with a shipping time of 50 minutes. It can sometimes be bought for 20 Icon Gold as a 'Get it Now' price

Quote Natalia
If you start to play the event, all upgrades, customizations and VIP will remain on the car permanently, whether you acquire it from this event or buy it later.
— Natalia, Agent

What is the minimum PR / upgrades required

RR3 Michael P wrote:

How much do the upgrades cost?

Stage PR
Top Speed Acc. Braking Cornering Cost Parts
w/ R$
25.6 176 mph
283 kph
4.09 s 114.0 ft
34.7 m
0.90 g R$30,000
Max PR
w/ R$
31.7 183 mph
295 kph
3.95 s 109.8 ft
33.4 m
0.97 g R$44,500
Max PR
w/ Icon Gold
40.0 192 mph
308 kph
3.79 s 104.0 ft
31.6 m
1.10 g +22 Icon Gold
(42 Icon Gold)
Top Speed
164 220 276 332 388 444 500
283 308
8.60 6.73 5.13 3.80 2.73 1.93 1.40
4.09 3.79
51 44 37 30 23 16 9
34.7 31.6
0.6 0.8 1.2 1.8 2.6 3.6 4.8
0.90 1.10

For car details see here:

For full details on upgrades with PR see here:

Useful Pages

See RR3 Wiki:Real Racing 3 Tips and FAQ#Useful Pages


Calculated benefits of the event:

Ray Hon

Date: start end Difference
R$icon18,045 32,570 14,525
Icon Gold395 400 +5

Credit and Thanks

Many of the tips and FAQ have been combined from posts left by this RR3 wiki community, a big credit needs to go to this excellent community. Also, thank you, to everyone who have left comments and tips, for this challenge.

Comments and Tips

If you have any tips, please either edit the relevant section of this page and add them yourself or leave comments on the NASCAR Academy Comments and an editor will add them later.

Please post your comments and tips, any information you feel maybe useful, such as:

  • What stage and event you are leaving a tip for, this can be shortened e.g. Tip for 1.3 is for stage 01 event 3
  • What problems you had and how to overcome the problems?
  • e.g. Can corners be cut?
  • Can an event be run with a broken car?
  • If so with what PR/upgrade?
  • What controls Tilt A / B ?
  • What assists - brakes high / low /off ? TC on / off?
  • Basically any tips that maybe useful to other racers.
  • If you are anonymous feel free to sign a name or handle.

One of the editors will summarise them and add them to the relevant event, if there is anything missing please post a comment or tip to NASCAR Academy Comments and let us know ;-)