The point of this thread is to keep track of places that have already been visited in the The Tag Challenge. Please don't post comments on this thread, it's intended to use as a reference for tags already used only but feel free to add tags as they are found. To add a new tag then post a reply in source mode and use the following template:


Where: xx is the tag number (see previous post) posted_image is the image name posted posted_user is the user name that posted found_image is the image name of the found image found_user is the user name of the user who found it description is the description of the location

You can find the name and user of images by clicking on them and copying and pasting them.

Rank Player Score
1 Marcel'smate 25
2 Gold Crazed1115 24
3 RR3 Master Racer 12
4 Amrosa 11
5 Sirebel 8
6 RR3G'hamO. 7
7 MoisesGabby 5
8 JPHARP030456 4
9 Adamoyan 4
10 RomGuyony 3
11 RR3xyz 3
12 SteveD21 2
13 XgX 1
14 DecadeHansen 1
15 Mugwumps 1
Players 15 Tags 111