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The intention of this page is to keep a list of team events during the R3 Spec-tacular Update (v7.0.5) , and make it more mobile friendly.

You can create or join a Race Team, and compete against other teams in weekly competitions to win Gold prizes for you and your teammates.

To access the Race Teams feature, you will need to have at least one Social Profile connected to your game.

Reach Driver Level 10 to unlock Race Teams
— In-game information.

Tips and FAQ for Team Events 

Tournament Leaderboard

McLaren MP4-X Catalunya Top Speed

1st 2nd 3rd
Escuderia PUNK Fiction Tkd 2112 real racing RR3 Russia / Snails United

List of team events

No Date Type Hours Car Track Top Reward
(Icon Gold)
Team Goal Goal Reward
(Icon Gold)
1 Jan 16th Distance 25 Any Any COTA 200 200 1050 Kms 20
2 Jan 23th Elimination (Wins) 25 Any Jaguar Any 100 500 190 Wins 20+40
3 Jan 30th Laps (OMP) 25 Any Any 200 500 710 Laps 40
4 Feb 3rd Top speed 25 Any R3 Spec Red Bull Ring 200 500 5080.3 Kph 40
5 Feb 6th Autocross (Wins) 25 Any Ford Any 1000 300 120 Wins  20
6 Feb 10th Distance (OMP) 25 Any Any 200 200 1880 Kms 20+40

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