The Truest Test
Experience the iconic Porsche test track, Leipzig, featuring three distinct courses.
As you may be aware, Leipzig is known for taking the turns and straights from around the world and combining them into one glorious test track. Porsche has been kind enough to show us around.
— In-game description, from Lions of Leipzig

Porsche Test Track is a racing circuit located north west of the German city Leipzig, Sachsen (Saxony). The circuit serves as a test track for PORSCHE's vehicles and features 11 sequences that have been inspired by other racing circuits around the world.

The circuit features three track configurations in-game: Dynamic, On-road (Short) and On-road (Long).

Porsche Test Track was added to the game in the Lions of Leipzig Update (v3.5) of July 2015 and is the third German circuit to be added.


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Dynamic Circuit

Leipzig dynamic
1.40 miles (2.253 km)

On-road Circuit (Short)

Leipzig kleinerkurs
1.367 miles (2.2 km)

On-road Circuit (Long)

Leipzig groberkurs
2.303 miles (3.707 km)

Official video, released by FM, for the three tracks, Leipzig Tips with PORSCHE Instructor David Jahn:


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