What is PR (Performance Rating)?

PR (Performance Rating) is the overall performance rating of a car's characteristics. The car will be rated on its top speed, 0-60 mph/0-100kph acceleration time, 60-0 mph/100-0kph braking distance, and grip (g).

Cars in the Amateur group will usually have lower Performance Ratings, but as the player progresses through the game, they will get to handle hypercars, which have higher Performance ratings.

Performance Rating

Why is it important?

Performance ratings are important because it will determine in some cases if a car is eligible to do a certain Cup, NASCAR or Formula E. After the first couple of tiers, the next cups will require a minimum PR level. For example, in order to enter this cup, a car will be eligible if the PR is 9 or above.

The Cup Requires 9 PR

Players can improve their car's PR by purchasing Upgrades to improve their car's characteristics. Once a car is fully upgraded, the PR won't change. It is recommended to buy a car with better PR if a race requires a higher PR than a car's maximum PR.

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