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  • Hi Nick, I'm trying to add an auto-calculated ending row for the Drivers XP Levels template. I've made a test table prior to insert the changes in my own test pages, but I can't make the template to calculate the difference between some data, given or not.
    Any idea of why I can't put the variable "AddC" after the variable "C"?

    This works, but it's not what I want:

    {{#vardefine:AddC|{{#expr: {{#var:AddC}}-{{{C|0}}} }} }}

    This crashes:

    {{#vardefine:AddC|{{#expr: {{{C|0}}}-{{#var:AddC}} }} }}

    Here's the header: User:Albert Tasmani/sandbox 2

    The row template: User:Albert Tasmani/sandbox 3

    And the ending row: User:Albert Tasmani/sandbox 4

    I know you're taking a break, so give it a look whenever you're in the mood.


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    • Quick fix, if C isn’t set on the first row it will use 0, I assume that’s what you wanted? It won’t work if the table is used more than once on a page because the variable has already been set.

      An alternative would be to use a row counter and reset the values when the row counter is 1, but it might also suffer from the multiple tables issue due to there being a variable-resetting bug.

      NOTE: You don’t need to calculate the AddC variable each row (unless you want to display it on each row), you can just calculate it in the trailer/totals row.

      Please note that I’m still not sure what you’re trying to achieve so my solution might not be ideal.

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    • I saw it!!.

      Thanks Nick, you're a f***g master!

      Here's the result, I hope you like it:




      your padawan Albert. :P

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    • A FANDOM user
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  • I agree with you. 

    There's no upside to starting political issues on the wiki.

    People will believe what they will and no amount of bashing and/or bullying will change that.

    There are plenty of forums for politics.

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  • I am updating the rewards but cannot figure out how to remove the CRB and the automatic 50 M$ deduction.  Any editing help is appreciated.

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    • Use M$ Reward ... I’ve edited 1.2 so you can see.

      By the way, it’s much easier to see where each event ends if you don’t back-space the closing }} onto the previous line, leave it on a separate line.

      |Index No = 1.2
      |Event =elimination
      |Circuit =catalunya
      |Variant =national circuit
      |Daylight =
      |Rolling Start =
      |PR =
      |Laps =
      |M$ Reward = 11800
      |Fame Reward = 700
      |Version = 8.5
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  • Hello Nick,

    I noticed that images (Showcase_<car name>.jpg) for some cars had some problems:

    • Most of these problems are caused by taking the photo via the garage and not from the purchase car menu (for example, Ford GT'19, 911 GT2 CS), causing the background to be different;
    • Other problems include:
      • Someone decided to put blue rims on the BMW M5 and M2, cranked the ride height to the lowest, and decide to use that as the photo! lol;
      • The new GT3 cars do not have the car name and the RR3 logo at the bottom.

    So, I uploaded new pictures of these cars that I captured and overwrote the old ones. Everything seems fine, until I realized that the ratio of the new pictures are different from the other ones (caused from the use of different devices, I suppose)! All the other pictures (example) are captured in widescreen ratio of 16:9 but my pictures (example) have a ratio of 16:10. Should've payed attention first!

    My question: Is it ok to leave them like that? or do I need to upload new ones?


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      • They look ok to me.
      • I don’t think some of them needed replacing, the different background didn’t really matter, e.g. Lamborghini Aventador SVJ, but I guess it looks better if they’re all the same.
      • Just out of interest, why did you upload so many versions of the same image? e.g. BMW M2 Competition.
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    • Ah yes, the BMW pics (just an example of my OCD)

      • First upload: I think I made a typo when naming the picture so it didn't replace the original one.
      • Second upload: after uploading, I realized that I didn't zoom in enough when capturing.
      • Third upload: uploaded after making another, better zoomed capture in game.
      • Fourth upload: stil think the zoom is a bit off after comparing to other photos. Captured another one in game and uploaded.

      And for the pics with different backgrounds, I thought it will look a lot better and consistent if switched (ahh.. my OCD kicking in again)

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    • All good, thanks for your efforts, you’ll have more opportunities next week to do the same ...

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    • Yep. Looking foward to the next update :)

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    • A FANDOM user
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  • Hi

    I have started to create a Tag Challenge History Page using the visual editor mode (I realise this may make the code very inefficient and harder to follow). I have no coding experience other than trying to learn some Python during lockdown. I was wondering if you could tell me how to make the table sortable, like on the Cars page. I was also trying to adjust an individual column's width so that Mount Panorama fits on one line rather than two. If you spot any other issues which I have missed, please let me know.

    Amrosa mentioned "I think the way you are doing it is building the table on the fly, where as a lot of the tables here are based off of templates so instead of having to copy all the definition for each entry it calls the Template and the input is "simply" a defined array." I don't really understand the templates, definition, array (any of the vaguely technical language).

    Edit: I have worked out how to sort the table now.

    Many Thanks


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    • Hi David.


      First, you shouldn’t create pages in the main wiki space without checking first with the admins. I have deleted the page and done something users shouldn’t do ... created a page in your user area. Your user area is your sandbox and where you should create any pages.

      User:Dscott1301/Tag Challenge History

      I’ve also created templates in your user area

      The beauty of templates is that you can easily change the table style and output without having to change all the input data.

      I’ve placed your stuff in the Old section and created a New section with a few other changes

      • Wiki links
      • Table of threads
      • Example table with first 5 tags

      It’s a first pass so the templates might need some tweaking.

      Have fun!


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    • Apologies, I didn't realise I needed to check with an admin first. Thanks for the help with the tables. As the template requires source mode, how would I control the image size, as I had just set all of them to 100px In visual mode?

      Also, would it be possible to move the Conventions for Tag Challenge History to my sandbox (please don't completely delete it), or explain how I can move it, or approve it retrospectively since the page is complete (although again it doesn't use templates and would not be of any use until the Tag Challenge History page goes into the main wiki). Apologies again for the inconvenience. 

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    • Template. Edit the template page. It’s not difficult. There’s History so if you make a mistake you can always undo or compare the differences to see what you changed. I make lots of mistakes, just edit it until it works as you want it to. To change the image size ...

      <!-- Photo -->| style="text-align:center;" | {{#if:{{{Photo|}}}|[[File:{{{Photo}}}|100px]]|-}}

      change the 100px value to what you want.

      Create a Page. This is how I do it. To create a page in your user space go to your profile, click on the web address bar, add the name of the page you want after your profile address ... page
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  • Hi Nick can u please provide me with the link of Spreadsheet of all the Cars of Real Racing3 with Base Stats and Upgrade costs etc

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    • As mentioned above you find the link at my profile. 

      But for your convenience: .

      Take care.

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    • thanks

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  • Hi NIck

    I have been keeping track of the new daily race in my blog here. There is a 6-day cycle that I have noticed (2 full cycles have passed), so I think it is time to create a page for the new daily race.

    I renamed the old Daily Race page to Daily Race (Formula 1). However, the system generated a redirect page preventing the addition of a new page named "Daily Race".

    Could you delete the redirect page, if possible, so a new daily race page could be created?

    My apologies if I did something wrong (i'm not very familiar with editing).

    Thanks in advance,


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    • Hi Dave.

      Ok, I've created the Daily Race image files and updated your template as necessary.

      If you look at my Daily Race Images blog page you'll see that there are more official Daily Race images than the current six you've specified so (as per my earlier comment) I think FM will be adding more cars and tracks.

      I've also added some alternate images for some of the tracks (I'll add more over time) if you want to use an alternative image.


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    • That's great! Thank you so much for the time and effort Nick!

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  • Hi Nick,

    I'm working on another automation for the WTTT/OMP schedule pages. I'll keep you informed.


    Instead of: "Current=y"

    "#time:W" returns the current number of the week.

    User:Albert Tasmani/sandbox 1


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    • {{#time:W|-1 day}}
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    • ROFL, no way!. That simple?!? xD Why aren't we using this??? Hahahaahh...

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    • A FANDOM user
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  • Can't find this event.  I play on an Android tablet.  There is no "Welcome to RR3" tab. Any thoughts?

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    • Hi! Do you mean in the game or the wiki?

      • Wiki. Top menu. Navigation --> Tournaments.
        OMP, WTTT and special TTs should be listed here.
      • Game. It should be on the Hone page. I use an iPad so can’t help more than that!
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    • A FANDOM user
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  • Hi Nick! I know you are working with Albert with wiki refactoring (really appreciated this work), I have some ideas about it if you are intersted. I'm really not an expert but I think some checkbox and dropdownlist filters can reduce amount of memory and processing power needed to show a table, and also gives to user ability to make own custom table with all specific needs, also this solution can seriously reduce amount of tabels.

    It can be look like this:

    I hope this info was usefull)

    Have a good day!

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    • Hi!

      Thanks for your message and interest.

      Your message seems to cover a few different topics!

      • 1. Dealing with the recent FM changes to the car characteristics and upgrades data
      • 2. Dealing with data replication across multiple pages on the wiki
      • 3. Having a filtered table

      1 and 2. FM's recent change to the way they calculate/round the car's performance characteristics has caused a few problems which highlights our use of literal data replicated across multiple pages. Albert has been "playing" with arrays for a couple months, I had a look to see if they might be a suitable solution to both of these issues.

      3. The filtered table on the linked page is interesting but I assume it has a back-end database, not something we currently have, but probably something which we should consider ... however one of our restrictions has always been that we want the wiki to be editable by users, I'm not sure if that would be so easy if we used a database.

      But I'm no wiki expert so if somebody knows of a suitable solution, please let me know ...

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    • Thanks for your reply.

      1&2 - Yeah have seen this problem (already fixed some R$ PRs)

      3 - Yes probably it has back-end DB and some SQL like query isn't easy to use... unless all needed changes can be done fully by the GUI, but this is alot of work, and this solution probably will violates wiki rules.

      4? - ok (but really don't know anyone who can help with wiki)

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