Melbourne circuit in Real Racing 3 is a fictional track in Southbank area 3 km long (1.86 mi). In fact, this circuit was called Southbank in the first version of the game, but it was changed to Melbourne for unknown reasons. Practically, almost no car can get 300 kph in this circuit. The only one which has been proven is a FERRARI 412 T2 fully upgraded with Icon Gold.

Althought fictional, this track is geographicaly accurate and should not be confused with the Albert Park circuit, which is the home to the Australian Formula 1 Grand Prix.


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Melbourne track


Melbourne circuit
1.68 miles (2.7 km)


  • This is one of the shortest principal variant on the game; it has only 2.7 km.
  • In fact, it's the only urban circuit at the moment in Real Racing 3, aside from the Hong Kong circuit.
  • Some people say this is the most difficult circuit to get first place. This happens because there's not enough space at some turns to pass, and it keeps the people at the back. However, passing rightly, then there might be a chance to get to first place on the first lap .
  • The Speed Snap takes place after the Walkabout corner, passing by the Southbank Shuffle chicane, and ending after Victoria's Secret's turn. It's very easy with a broken car, without braking on Southbank Shuffle.
  • In the beginning of the game, this circuit was called Southbank instead of Melbourne.
  • This is currently the only fictional track in the game.


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