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 For the AUDI edition of the Special Event, see: Audi - Pursuit of Victory
For the NISSAN edition of the Special Event, see: NISSAN - Pursuit of Victory
For the PORSCHE edition of the Special Event, see: Porsche - Pursuit of Victory

Le Mans - Pursuit of Victory was an event starting from June 4, 2015 where players were given an initial choice from 3 cars, the AUDI R18 E-TRON QUATTRO (2015), the NISSAN GT-R LM NISMO (2015) and the PORSCHE 919 HYBRID (2015) to complete the 10 stages of the event. The chosen car is used in all stages except 2, 3 and 6. The event could be started until June 27, 2015. Each stage was unlocked the next day. If the player finished all of the stages, they could keep the car that the player chose with all modifications, upgrades and damage.

After finishing the first car, with a time limit of 10 days, the player could start the event again, selecting one of the other cars. The second and third cars had to be finished within 5 days instead of 10. After each stage the next is released (without waiting).

Cars and Differences


Pursuit of Victory


Pursuit of Victory


Pursuit of Victory

Audi - Pursuit of Victory.png NISSAN - Pursuit of Victory.png Porsche - Pursuit of Victory.png
Manufacturer AUDI.png R18 E-TRON QUATTRO (2015) Manufacturer NISSAN.png GT-R LM NISMO (2015) Manufacturer PORSCHE.png 919 HYBRID (2015)
PR 90.5 PR 90.1 PR 90.5
235 mph

378 kph

243 mph

391 kph

234 mph

376 kph

2.60 s 2.40 s 2.57 s
84.0 ft

25.6 m

88.0 ft

26.8 m

80.0 ft

24.3 m

2.09 g 1.79 g 2.06 g

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