For the FERRARI 488 GTE edition of the Special Event, see: Le Mans: Ferrari
For the FORD GT LE MANS edition of the Special Event, see: Le Mans: Ford
Earn up to two GTE-Pro class cars
and up to 200 Icon Gold
— In-game description.
Join the ranks of either FORD or FERRARI on the iconic battlefield of Le Mans!
— In-game description.

Le Mans: Legends was an event in Real Racing 3. It gave the players a chance to win the FERRARI 488 GTE and FORD GT LE MANS, after Le Mans 2016 Update (v4.3.1). Le Mans: Legends opened June 13, 2016 00:00 UTC.[1]

The FERRARI 488 GTE and FORD GT LE MANS are both available in the GTE-Pro: Ford and Ferrari bonus series part of the Campionato Scuderia Ferrari career series in the Legend group.

FAQ and Tips

Before starting the Le Mans: Legends special event, please view Tips and FAQ for Le Mans: Legends

Teams and Differences

Le Mans: Ford Le Mans: Ferrari
Le Mans- Ford Le Mans- Ferrari
Manufacturer FORD GT LE MANS Manufacturer FERRARI 488 GTE
PR 77.9 PR 77.9
200 mph

321 kph

205 mph

329 kph

2.79 s 2.85 s
84.0 ft

25.6 m

86.0 ft

26.2 m

1.74 g 1.76 g

While the event is mostly the same between each team, there are a few differences (excepting obvious differences such as the car used):

  • Speech from various characters differs when referencing the car used, as well as the car in competition. Most of the time, a straight swap between the two vehicle names is employed, though sometimes the name is tweaked further. Such an example comes in the introduction to the first stage with the Ford, referring to the Ford GT Le Mans cars as "Ford GT race cars", whereas the subject is called "Ferrari 488 GTE's" in the opposing edition.
  • The Ferrari edition includes speech from Michael, after Magnus and Zoé at the start of Stage 06, which is not present in the Ford edition.
  • Stage 06 Goal 03 includes a Special Condition non-achievable with the Ford without Icon Gold upgrades, whereas the Ferrari, with its inherently higher top speed at the same upgrade stage, can theoretically achieve it.


  1. 1.0 1.1 1.2 The way FM display the date isn't very clear, they use a rounding factor. The days and hours remaining, to start, is changing at mid day or on the half hour. The closing date and time displayed is a cautious closing date and time.

    The best time to start is late in the day local time, as the next stage opens at midnight local time.

    If the event is started 11PM June 14th (local time), the event can be completed 7x24 hours later, 11PM June 21st. Allowing almost two full days to complete the last stage. As long as the second run is started before 22nd June, it can be run. The second run will also take 7x24 hours.