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LOTUS is a British manufacturer of sports and racing cars, famous for its Esprit, Elan, Europa and Elise sports cars and for the highly-successful Team LOTUS in Formula One. LOTUS Cars is based at the former site of RAF Hethel, a World War II airfield in Norfolk. The company designs and builds race and production automobiles of light weight and fine handling characteristics. It also owns the engineering consultancy LOTUS Engineering, which has facilities in the United Kingdom, United States, China and Malaysia. Lotus always names its cars starting with an 'e' (Esprit, Elan, Elise, Exige, Elite, Emira, Evija, Exos, Eclat, Europa, Excel, Evora), with the exception of the Carlton.


Model PR Speed Acc. Brake Grip Cost
Showcase LOTUS EXIGE 360 CUP.jpg
EXIGE 360 CUP 42.5 170 mph
274 kph
3.60 s 98.0 ft
29.9 m
1.15 g GCurr.Gold.New.80x80.Shifted.png350
Showcase LOTUS 3-ELEVEN.jpg
3-ELEVEN 57.3 180 mph
290 kph
2.90 s 93.0 ft
28.3 m
1.30 g GCurr.Gold.New.80x80.Shifted.png400
Showcase LOTUS TYPE 125.jpg
TYPE 125 96.2 205 mph
330 kph
2.65 s 58.0 ft
17.7 m
2.85 g GCurr.Gold.New.80x80.Shifted.png880
Showcase LOTUS EVIJA.jpg
EVIJA 83.8 211 mph
340 kph
2.30 s 96.0 ft
29.3 m
1.93 g GCurr.Gold.New.80x80.Shifted.png1,100
TOTAL: 4 GCurr.Gold.New.80x80.Shifted.png2,360


Groups and Series

LOTUS cars feature in the following groups and series.

Group Series Events Cars
Season 1 Apex Automobiles 51 1
Master 6 Cyl Mastery 51 1
Master Open Sky Challenge II 45 1
Master Road vs Rally 41 1
Elite Superfast Supercars 45 1
Elite Exos Experience 63 1
Legend Past, Present and Future 51 1
Exclusive Series Lotus Type 125 (Exclusive Series) 54 1
Exclusive Series Lotus Evija (Exclusive Series) 54 1


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