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Finish the race by coasting to recharge your battery. Full brake assists are off, and manual controls are on!
— In-game description.

In Real Racing 3, a Formula E event consists of manual controls, Tilt B or Wheel B, and battery level indicator. The player starts the event with a given battery level, which reduces as the car is powered, and regenerates under braking and coasting, the player has to complete the event without running out of battery power.

This event was added in the Formula E Update (v5.0.0) released on December 13th 2016.

Some events may be restricted to a certain performance rating minimum or above which means the further the player progresses in a racing series, the more they may have to rely on purchasing new cars or acquiring new upgrades in order to increase their performance rating and reach the minimum target. This, however, isn't usually the case in earlier tiers of a racing series or tiers that feature showcase events.

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