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In Real Racing 3, players can compete in up to 11 different Event Types which can be found in any of the Series and Special Events the game has to offer. Generally, Cup and Endurance events offer the player the highest rewards, and Speed Snap, Autocross and Drag Race events, the lowest rewards.

List of Event Types


Event Autocross
Full article: Autocross

Autocross is an event where players must complete a certain section of the track in the fastest time and compete with their TSM competitors' times.


Event Cup
Full article: Cup

Cup events are regular races that players compete in. Some cup events have PR requirements which may force players to upgrade or purchase new cars to meet the minimum PR-requirement.

Drag Race

Event Drag Race
Full article: Drag Race

A Drag Race is a short flat-out sprint event in which players must manage their transmission right in order to make a perfect shift. The distance you have to drive is around 1/4 mile (400 metres).


Event Elimination
Full article: Elimination

An Elimination race is where players will have to avoid being last as they will otherwise face elimination.


Event Endurance
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An Endurance race is where players will have to overtake opponents and complete lap times to accumulate more race time and drive as far as they can.

Formula E

Event Formula E
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A Formula E race is similar to a cup race, but players also have to manage battery level to avoid running out of power. This game mode is restricted to the Formula E vehicles, but not tracks.

Head To Head

Event Head To Head
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A Head To Head race is where players will have to face an opponent and beat them in order to win a trophy.


Event Hunter
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A Hunter event is where players must chase down the "hunted" car and cross complete the lap as far away from the "hunted" car as possible.



Full article: NASCAR

A NASCAR event is where players race in a cup but with larger grid and slipstream (drafting). This game mode is restricted to the NASCAR vehicles, but not tracks.

Speed Record

Event Speed Record
Full article: Speed Record

A Speed Record event is where players must set the fastest top speed amongst their TSM competitors on a full circuit run.

Speed Snap

Event Speed Snap
Full article: Speed Snap

A Speed Snap event is where players must complete a section of the track and hit the finish with the highest top speed as possible amongst their TSM competitors.

Time Trial

Event Time Trial
Full article: Time Trial

A Time Trial event is where players must set their best time on a certain race track without going off-track.

Current record number for each event types

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