Event Archives
Did you miss out on earning a car in a past Event? Access Limited Time Series and Special Events from previous updates here!
— What's new in GT4 Update (v7.4).
Feature Event Archives

Event Archives Rules

  • Event selection is determined by your game progress.
  • There is no time limit to enter an event.
  • You can skip an event for 20 Curr.Gold.New.80x80.Shifted, which will send it to the bottom of the rotation back in your archives, so you can play it later.
  • There is no Curr.R.Dollars.New.80x80.Shifted or Curr.Gold.New.80x80.Shifted award for winning an archive event, just the car.
  • You can win all the cars in the event archive, but just one per day.
  • Upon winning or skipping an event, the next event in sequence becomes available to run starting midnight.
  • If you timed out or skipped an event to move on to the next one, the one that was missed will become available again upon the next rotation.

Version History

The following were added in BMW Update (v8.1)

The following were added in Lamborghini and GT Update (v7.6)

The following were added in Ferrari Update (v7.5)

The following were added in Porsche Update (v7.4.5)

The following were added in GT4 Update (v7.4)

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