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Can you go the distance? Overtake cars and complete laps to earn bonus time.
— In-game description

Endurance is an event in Real Racing 3 where the player must drive as far as they can before the timer runs out and their speed drops to 0 mph/kph.

The player has a maximum time limit of 90 seconds while starting with 60 seconds and will earn extra time by completing laps (time varies) and overtaking cars (10 seconds). However, the player cannot exceed 90 seconds. The time that is added for completing laps varies: the longer the track, the more time is added. Any distance driven off-track does not count towards the total; their distance will not increase until the player gets back on track and distance counter turns red. Driving in reverse does not increase/decrease the distance.

The further the player goes through the event, the amount of cars will decrease making it harder to overtake any opponents during the event. Once time runs out, the player will not be able to control their car's acceleration, but they may steer and brake their car.

Players receive higher rewards the further they drive. Usually, players can earn as much as a high-paying Cup event by beating the TSM drivers by a good distance, but if they only drove just a little further than the first placed person, their rewards will be around the same or less than a cup.

One point to note is that the distance counter counts from the start and finish line, therefore, if the player goes back to the start and finish line, their distance decreases; after the player drives opposite the circuit direction, their distance counter will read negative, but the final screen with the score still gives a positive count.

For information on time bonus for each lap see User blog:HeadFool/Endurance Lap Time Bonus

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