A driver is eliminated every 20s - Stay out of last place!
— In-game description.

Elimination is an event in Real Racing 3 where the player must race on a circuit, generally against 7 TSM drivers and avoid from becoming eliminated. An elimination takes place every 20 seconds and the driver coming in last on an elimination round is the one who gets eliminated (the text will show "[Player Name] eliminated" after 20 seconds when the player is not in last place). The event continues until the player has become eliminated (in which the text will show "You have been eliminated") or has won the race. In this way, all Elimination events are at maximum 2 minutes 20 seconds long.

Elimination races do not have a performance rating requirement, so the player can race any car in the series.

For series that use Curr.M.Dollars.New.80x80.Shifted.png, the reward for 1st place is always Curr.M.Dollars.New.80x80.Shifted.png11,800.

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