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Manage your transmission with precision in three rounds of flat-out sprints.
— In-game description

A Drag race is an event in Real Racing 3 where the player must manage their transmission for three rounds of flat-out quarter mile sprints.


Each round of the race starts with three red lights lighting up, one per second. The player must tap the "launch" button once the round is signalled to begin, i.e. when the lights turn green, after a random length of time. If the player launches the car before any round begins, it will count as a False Start. Three false starts all together will result in disqualification from the race.

Players will have to operate the transmission manually by pressing the paddle shifters on the screen. If the player shifts at the correct time, it's a perfect shift. If the player however, shifts too early or too late (when in redline) it's an early shift and a late shift, respectively.


The race consists of three rounds against three different opponents. Winning a round increases your position and brings you to the next round; losing a round immediately ends the race.

  • Winning round 1 will give the player a 3rd place;
  • Winning round 2 will give the player a 2nd place;
  • Winning the final round will give the player a 1st place.

For series that use Curr.M.Dollars.New.80x80.Shifted.png, the reward for 1st place is always Curr.M.Dollars.New.80x80.Shifted.png3,800.


  • As players will be driving in a straight line, it's ideal that players choose cars that have good acceleration and top speed as characteristics such as braking and grip do not actually matter.
  • Managing your transmission is not all that is needed to win; your reaction time also matters.
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