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The Daytona 500
Are you ready for the biggest racing event in North America? The Daytona 500 special event gives you a chance to race with the best, and earn four iconic NASCAR stock cars!
— What's new in Daytona 500 Update [v4.1.5]

Daytona International Speedway is a race track in Daytona Beach, Florida, United States. Since opening in 1959, it has been the home of the DAYTONA 500: The Great American Race, the most prestigious race in NASCAR and the Coke Zero 400.

The track was built in 1959 by NASCAR founder William "Bill" France, Sr. to host racing that was held at the former Daytona Beach Road Course. His banked design permitted higher speeds and gave fans a better view of the cars.

In Real Racing 3, players can race on three different variants - Speedway, Road Course and Motorcycle Course in various events. This circuit was added to the game in the Daytona 500 Update (v4.1.5).

Quote Chip McGee
Welcome to Daytona International Speedway! If you've ever driven on this track, you'll know it's a beauty. Heck just putting tires on the ground lets you feel its history. And you know what, [Player]? We're gunnin' for the big one.
— Chip McGee, Crew Chief


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Motorcycle Course

Daytona motogp
2.950 miles (4.747 km)

Road Course

Daytona roadcourse
3.560 miles (5.729 km)


Daytona speedway
2.5 miles (4.023 km)



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