Race to the finish line.
— In-game description.

In Real Racing 3, a Cup event is the most common game mode throughout the racing series of Real Racing 3. In a cup event, the player will race against (a maximum number of 39) opponents on a certain circuit.

Some events may be restricted to a certain performance rating minimum or above which means the further the player progresses in a racing series, the more they may have to rely on purchasing new cars or acquiring new upgrades in order to increase their performance rating and reach the minimum target. This, however, isn't usually the case in earlier tiers of a racing series, tiers that feature showcase events, or tiers in the Formula 1® Hub.

Event Types (12)
AutocrossCupDrag RaceEliminationEnduranceFormula E
Head To HeadHunterNASCARSpeed RecordSpeed SnapTime Trial
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