Real Racing 3 features circuits from all over the world. All circuits are real except for Melbourne which is a fictional street circuit using real locations. Some circuits don't feature all of the track variants available in the real world e.g. Brands Hatch. Most races tend to be at a default time of 'Noon' (except for three track variants at Dubai Autodrome which are always 'Evening') but most circuits have events at various times of the day (or night) e.g. Circuit des 24 Heures.

 !  When new tracks/variants are added please edit the EventTrackNames and EventTrackVariants templates to ensure they include the necessary names/abbreviations.  ! 


  • Daytona International Speedway
    • Speedway (Features 'Evening' and 'Night' variations)
    • Road Course (Features 'Evening' and 'Night' variations)
    • Motorcycle Course (Features 'Evening' variation)
  • Dubai Autodrome
    • Grand Prix Circuit (Defaults to 'Evening')
    • International Circuit
    • National Circuit
    • Club Circuit (Defaults to 'Evening')
    • Hill Circuit
    • Oval Circuit (Defaults to 'Evening')
  • Hockenheimring (Features 'Night' variation)
    • Grand Prix Circuit
    • National
    • Short
  • Nürburgring (Features 'Morning and 'Night' variations)
    • Grand Prix Circuit
    • Sprint Circuit
    • Müllenbachschleife
  • Porsche Test Track (Features 'Dawn' variation)
    • Dynamic Circuit
    • On-road Circuit (Long)
    • On-road Circuit (Short)
  • Red Bull Ring (Features 'Morning' and 'Afternoon' variations)
    • Grand Prix Circuit
    • Südschleife National Circuit
  • Silverstone
    • The Bridge Grand Prix Circuit 2009
    • The Grand Prix Circuit
    • The International Circuit
    • The National Circuit
  • Yas Marina Circuit (Features Morning, Day, Evening and Night variations)
    • Grand Prix Circuit (Features Morning, Day, Evening and Night variations)

Circuit Info

Track Country Circuit Layout Mls Kms
Circuit Autodromo Nazionale Monza Italy Autodromo Nazionale Monza Road Course 3.600 5.794
Junior Course 1.494 2.404
Circuit Brands Hatch UK Brands Hatch Indy Circuit 1.261 2.029
Circuit Bugatti Circuit France Bugatti Circuit 2.574 4.143
Circuit Circuit de Catalunya Spain Circuit de Catalunya GP Circuit 2.893 4.656
National Circuit 1.907 3.069
Club Circuit 1.058 1.703
Circuit Circuit de Spa-Francorchamps Belgium Circuit de Spa-Francorchamps 4.352 7.004
Circuit Circuit des 24 Heures France Circuit des 24 Heures 8.467 13.626
Circuit Circuit of The Americas USA Circuit of The Americas Grand Prix Circuit 3.427 5.515
National Circuit 2.300 3.701
Club Circuit 1.230 1.979
Circuit Daytona International Speedway USA Daytona International Speedway Speedway 2.500 4.023
Road Course 3.560 5.729
Motorcycle Course 2.950 4.748
Circuit Dubai Autodrome UAE Dubai Autodrome Grand Prix Circuit 3.349 5.390
International Circuit 2.666 4.291
National Circuit 2.212 3.560
Club Circuit 1.529 2.461
Hill Circuit 1.086 1.748
Oval Circuit 0.696 1.120
Circuit Formula E Berlin Circuit Germany Formula E Berlin Circuit Tempelhof Airport 1.398 2.250
Circuit Formula E Hong Kong Circuit Hong Kong (SAR) Formula E Hong Kong Circuit 1.156 1.860
Circuit Formula E New York Circuit USA Formula E New York Circuit 1.210 1.947
Circuit Hockenheimring Germany Hockenheimring Grand Prix Circuit 2.842 4.574
National 2.255 3.629
Short 1.639 2.638
Circuit Indianapolis Motor Speedway USA Indianapolis Motor Speedway Speedway 2.500 4.023
Road Course 2.534 4.078
Circuit Mazda Raceway Laguna Seca USA Mazda Raceway Laguna Seca 2.238 3.602
Circuit Melbourne Australia Melbourne 1.678 2.700
Circuit Mount Panorama Australia Mount Panorama 3.861 6.214
Circuit Nürburgring Germany Nürburgring Grand Prix Circuit 3.192 5.137
Sprint Circuit 2.249 3.619
Müllenbachschleife 0.932 1.500
Circuit Porsche Test Track Germany Porsche Test Track Dynamic Circuit 1.398 2.250
On-road Circuit (Long) 2.303 3.706
On-road Circuit (Short) 1.367 2.200
Circuit Red Bull Ring Austria Red Bull Ring Grand Prix Circuit 2.683 4.318
Südschleife National Circuit 1.452 2.337
Circuit Richmond International Raceway USA Richmond International Raceway 0.752 1.210
Circuit Silverstone UK Silverstone The Bridge Grand Prix Circuit 2009 3.194 5.140
The Grand Prix Circuit 3.661 5.892
The International Circuit 1.861 2.995
The National Circuit 1.639 2.638
Circuit Suzuka Circuit Japan Suzuka Circuit Grand Prix Circuit 3.608 5.807
East Circuit 1.394 2.243
West Circuit 2.154 3.467
Circuit Yas Marina Circuit UAE Yas Marina Circuit Grand Prix Circuit 3.451 5.554


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