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Caterham Cars is a British manufacturing company specializing in lightweight sports cars established in 1973 in Caterham, Surrey, and headquartered in Crawley, Sussex. The founder, the owner of a LOTUS dealership, created the brand when he learned that LOTUS was discontinuing the LOTUS 7, and acquired the rights to manufacture the model - in fact, the original name of the company was Seven Cars Ltd.. True to that name, CATERHAM continues to offer cars, both ready to drive and in kit form for own assembly, based on the original LOTUS 7, with a variety of configurations to choose from. Though often the subject of aftermarket modifications, factory vehicles have been primarily powered by FORD engines - originally the Ford Kent inline-fours, and more recently by Ford Sigma units (also found in the FORD FIESTA).

Following the acquisition of the brand by Tony Fernandes, CATERHAM entered FORMULA 1® and Formula 2 (then the GP2 Series) in 2011, using a LOTUS license acquired via PROTON. The team continued to race in both series until 2014, when the struggling FORMULA 1® team was auctioned off and the Formula 2 team - which had recorded four race wins across four full seasons - was sold to Status Grand Prix. Although CATERHAM SEVEN cars do not participate in any major racing series, a robust community of racers continues to participate in yearly competitions, such as the Caterham Graduates Championship.

CATERHAM was introduced in the Open Wheelers Update (v2.2).


Model PR Speed Acc. Brake Grip Cost
Showcase CATERHAM SEVEN 620 R.jpg
SEVEN 620 R 49.1 155 mph
249 kph
2.70 s 105.0 ft
32.0 m
1.18 g RCurr.R.Dollars.New.80x80.Shifted.png378,500
TOTAL: 1 RCurr.R.Dollars.New.80x80.Shifted.png302,800


Groups and Series

CATERHAM cars feature in the following groups and series.

Group Series Events Cars
Master Open Sky Challenge 35 1
Master Open Sky Challenge II 45 1


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