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==Category Pages==
==Category Pages==
===    5.4.2 <s>[[:Category:Race-spec Maserati Granturismo Mc Stradale World Tour]]</s> new page:[[Race-spec Maserati Granturismo MC Stradale World Tour]]===
===    5.4.2 <s>[[:Category:Race-spec Maserati Granturismo MC Stradale World Tour]]</s> new page:[[Race-spec Maserati Granturismo MC Stradale World Tour]]===
===6.A <s>[[:Category:Speed_Rush_TV_Challenge|SPECIAL EVENT Category:Speed Rush TV Challenge]]</s> new page: [[Speedrush TV Challenge]]===
===6.A <s>[[:Category:Speedrush_TV_Challenge|SPECIAL EVENT Category:Speedrush TV Challenge]]</s> new page: [[Speedrush TV Challenge]]===
===    6.1.1 <s>[[:Category:12+ Cyl Slam]]</s> new page: [[12+ Cyl Slam]] ===
===    6.1.1 <s>[[:Category:12+ Cyl Slam]]</s> new page: [[12+ Cyl Slam]] ===
===6.3 <s>[[:Category:Lexus LFA Showcase Series]]</s> new page: [[Lexus LFA Showcase Series]]===
===6.3 <s>[[:Category:Lexus LFA Showcase Series]]</s> new page: [[Lexus LFA Showcase Series]]===

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At the time of writing, by looking at Series and Special Events, there are 15 category pages: 14 are race series' and one is a Special Event series.

Category PagesEdit

    5.4.2 Category:Race-spec Maserati Granturismo MC Stradale World Tour new page:Race-spec Maserati Granturismo MC Stradale World TourEdit

6.A SPECIAL EVENT Category:Speedrush TV Challenge new page: Speedrush TV ChallengeEdit

    6.1.1 Category:12+ Cyl Slam new page: 12+ Cyl Slam Edit

6.3 Category:Lexus LFA Showcase Series new page: Lexus LFA Showcase SeriesEdit

    6.3.1 Category:50 Years of 911 new page: 50 Years of 911Edit

    6.4.1 Category:Battle Italia new page: Battle ItaliaEdit

    7.1.1 Category:Speed Demons new page: Speed DemonsEdit

    7.1.2 Category:Clash Of The Classics Clash Of The ClassicsEdit

7.2 Category:Spirit Of Ferrari new page: Spirit Of FerrariEdit

    7.2.1 Category:Spider Showdown new page: Spider ShowdownEdit

    7.2.2 Category:Enzo Ferrari Triumph new page: Enzo Ferrari TriumphEdit

7.3 Category:Zenith Series new page: Zenith SeriesEdit

    7.3.1 Category:All Star Vendetta new page: All Star VendettaEdit

7.4 Category:Vertex Series new page: Vertex Series Edit

    7.4.1 Category:Hybrid Hypercar Clash new page: Hybrid Hypercar ClashEdit

I created a google sheet a few months ago and had a go at creating a page for Accolade Open, I have now updated the google sheet, with the new N= tier number and extra race tracks: Google Sheet

I'm not sure how D and D2 parsers work, so will need further investigation, they will need to be edited manually until I can add them to the sheet.

If any editors what to have a go creating the new style race series pages either from a Category page, or from scratch, this information may help:

Sources of informationEdit


I found a category page to edit, I choose 7.4.1 Category:Hybrid_Hypercar_Clash as I had unlocked the page and could double check information. Any of the above 14 category pages can be chosen.

The Category page's source for race description and car template was copied to the new page (via Notepad++)

The Category page's event information needs to be converted into the event template format, I copied the table into the Google Sheet to the right of the yellow area on the Visual Sheet tab.

Google Sheet InformationEdit

The Google Sheet has four tabs:

  • Visual sheet - Is the area for entering the race information
  • Data - Has lookup data for Race type, Track, track variant and Laps
  • Calculation Sheet - This prepares the visual data adds pipes carriage returns etc
  • Completed code - Has the finished events template code ready to be copied and pasted into the race page

The table doesn't format exactly, so I had to do some cutting and pasting to line up the data.

Once prepared I could copy and paste special values (keyboard: ALT+E E V = Paste values only) into a cell next to the data.

Tier.Sub TierEdit

This could be typed in e.g. 1.1,1.2,1.3,2.1 etc

Event Description and Event Sub DescriptionEdit

Event description and sub description needed to be split, from the original text, so was copied and pasted special values to both cells, then F2 to edit the cells. Either the beginning or end of the description was removed. If the tier has sub tiers the description could be copied to the sub tiers.


This is a drop down list of the race types, Autocross, Cup etc. I found I could start typing the event type and press tab once the event was highlighted, e.g. If I typed C TAB the Cup would be entered, for E, the cursor keys could be used or type El or Elimination and En or Endurance. It is important to have the exact name and case, e.g. Cup must start with a capitol C, Head to Head, must have capital H's

Track and Sub TrackEdit

Its important to choose the correct track name to keep the RR3 Wikia consistent with the game - if there are any discrepancies the game wins :) , e.g. Laguna Seca is Mazda Raceway Laguna, again by typing the name of the track Lag in the cell the sheet will automatically find a matching track, Tab key to move to the sub track.

If there is no sub stack leave it blank, e.g. Melbourne.

If there is a sub track, but it isn't clear, e.g. GP has been entered either refer to the game or use the Real Racing 3 Wiki:Sandbox#Tracks_names_and_variants, e.g. Silverstone - GP could be The Bridge Grand Prix Circuit 2009 or The Grand Prix Circuit so needed to be checked with the game, but Dubai GP can be converted to Dubai Autodrome – Grand Prix Circuit.

For showcase events: The first line of the showcase needs to be linked to the car page, for cars with short name the car can be entered in square brackets, for cars with long names the car will need a pipe and the car description split between track and sub track e.g.

Track: [[Porsche 918 Spyder Concept|Porsche 918 Spyder

Sub Track: Concept]] Showcase

Note the open square brackets and close square brackets are in different cells, the calculation tab will automatically put in the carriage return.

Vs Track: [[McLaren P1]]

Sub Track: Showcase


Enter a lap of 2 or more.

If the lap is 1 or less leave it blank, as the template automatically adds the lap as 1. This field can be left blank.


Enter a PR value with one decimal place, e.g. 86.0. This field can be left blank.

Reward (R$)Edit

Enter the R$ rewards value, with a comma as the thousand separator, e.g. 3,795 is correct, 3795 and 3'795 is not. Again this is to keep the Wikia consistent.

CRB $Edit

If known enter the Clean Race Bonus R$ rewards value, with a comma as the thousand separator. This field can be left blank.

Reward FameEdit

If known enter the fame points value, with a thousand separator of a comma. This field can be left blank if unknown.

Once all the information has bee entered goto the Completed code tab, Highlight all the code and copy it (keyboard: ALT + A then ALT + C will highlight all and copy to clipboard)

Paste into the race page or combine with the car and description data already copied to Notpad / Notepad++ then paste in everything in one go. The data will need to be pasted into the source for the new page.

I hope you will find this Google Sheet useful for creating the events data, I have shared the sheet to everyone, as read, to edit, you don't need a google account to access the sheet.

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