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MrHM17 MrHM17 2 days ago

The Daytona Curse

Whenever I play this game, there is one track that I'm typically not very good at: Daytona. I don't know why, but I really struggle at this track, mainly in the rolling start races (Head to Head races don't apply). It's not just rolling starts, it's nearly everything except for drag races. Time Trials are the same but are easier to get over than most things at this track. This curse is terrible, and extends to when I was playing on my old device. The curse got worse in the Week 17 WTT of 2022, a night time trial in slippery cars. Barely made D but was bumped up to get that result and the 25. The only config of Daytona that so far doesn't apply to the curse is the Speedway. Road and Motorcycle Courses are shockers for me.

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Dutch Leonard Dutch Leonard 11 days ago

And on the Galaxy Note 10, Android 12

I had a big day at the cancer center, so I put RR3 on my phone so I could get some ads done while I waited for appointments.

On my data, I was getting the usual crappy AppLovin ads with all the screens and opening of the play or Samsung store when you try to dismiss them.

On the hospital wifi, it was the same thing. There were a couple of ads that would "forget" to put up the final x but I could usually get it to appear by touching the three vertical lines. There were also a couple I simply could not figure out how to get out of them and they gave no reward.

Once I got home on my own wifi, I had many short ads and was able to finish up quickly. If only things would stay that way. That AppLovin is cancer. The ads are too long, have too m…

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Dutch Leonard Dutch Leonard 13 days ago

Et tu, Android 10?

I am sorry to report that the ads in Android 10 are just as bad as in Android 12. Maybe there are a few more 15 second ads vs the 30 second ads and the multi page nightmares. But the multi page nightmares weren't there before, and now they are.

Yes we are happy there is no delay in the appearance of the ad tab.

But what have you done with my wonderful short sweet Toyota ads?

Now please excuse me while I type into Google how much I hate Family Island ads. Take a hint, Google.

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Dutch Leonard Dutch Leonard 14 days ago

No Delays but Cr@ppy Ads

When it was 20 GMT (3 pm my time) I started the checking the store every few minutes. I uninstalled RR3 from all my devices and at about 3:40, I started installing v 10.4.

I ran the Formula E event. It had some annoying moments. But I was able to finish it and run some of the motorsports career.

This morning, I ran ads on my Android 12 device. No delays but all the ads were the multipage nightmares for stupid games that frequently opened the google play store or the galaxy store. I spent a lot of time closing the stores.

It took three hours to do all the ads. Good job for no delay, bleah for these horrible ads. I might try ads with Android 10 to see if v10.4 ruined those too.

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Powerup777 Powerup777 16 days ago

10.3 Ending May 22, Easter egg still 😎

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Philliptan Philliptan 19 days ago


WTT/OMP Schedules done by Lambo: [Here]

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Dutch Leonard Dutch Leonard 19 days ago

Polaris ATV

It took closer to two hours to do the 190 ads on the Android 10 tablet. There were mostly 15-20 second ads and a few 30 second ads (like the hated Evony and Wordscapes). But never more than 2 or 3 seconds delay. There was a survey, asked me if I had kids, and the next tab disappeared when I clicked on it but was back in a few seconds. There is some connection between ads causing delays. Especially in Android 12.

I had a lot of the "thanks for watching" no reward thing happen today. My most frequent ad seemed to be for Polaris ATV's. A guy is hauling mulch with a little trailer behind his ATV, living a great life. His hapless buddy is pushing a wheelbarrow uphill with his mulch. The length of this ad varied from about 20 seconds t…

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Dutch Leonard Dutch Leonard 20 days ago

58 Minutes

This morning I started RR3 on my Galaxy Tab S7 and collected my daily reward and allowed one gold ad to run. It was one of those hateful green bar across the bottom, then click to a page to install, then wait for the slowly appearing X on the last page. Bleah!

I cloud saved and logged off of Facebook.

I logged into Facebook on the Android 10 tablet and cloud restored. 58 minutes later, I had run all the ads. They were mostly ads that could be dismissed in five seconds with little to no delays.

There were a few instances of a "thanks for watching" screen that didn't give a reward, but then I didn't watch anything and the next functional tab came and it was great.

Much better than the six to eight hours it was taking on the Android 12 tablet…

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Dutch Leonard Dutch Leonard 21 days ago

Ads again

I ran across a discussion by Paulo D about how the ads delays were the worst for Android 12 users. He said he had an Android 11 device he was doing ads on and then he'd play on his Android 12 device.

I looked at my older tablet, a Galaxy Tab S4 and it has Android 10. So I installed Real Racing 3 on the older tablet. I cloud saved on my Galaxy Tab S7 and logged out of Facebook.

Sure enough, the ad tabs kept showing up and I was able to finish ads before noon. I worry about the cloud saving going wrong but that hasn't been much of a problem lately. With my fiber optic intenet, installing RR3 hardly took any time at all.

I am at level 817, have 355 cars and managed to reach 90% career completion again.

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Darryl Cee Darryl Cee 25 days ago

Another thing I could say I'm satisfied about in my progress in the game.

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Darryl Cee Darryl Cee 25 days ago

Real Racing 3 has become unrecognizable with every new update.

As expectations recede of any new hope of a long anticipated renewed version of the game’s renowned (top challenge).

Now fans of real racing 3 are expected to adapt to their water down interpretation of what’s seemingly become a imitation of those top challenges, through seasonal rounds in every new update.

How long will FM keep up this charade with real racing fans, let’s get back to the game’s definitive racing experience, with the next top Challenge and stop the charades.

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Dutch Leonard Dutch Leonard 17 April

Ads delays, crashes

Yesterday there was a little download when I started up. Then Real Racing 3 had the kind of crash that looked like the tablet had been set too close to some kind of high powered magnet, lines everywhere, unresponsive. It truly looked like the tablet was dying. Then RR3 looked ok, but just to be safe, I did a restart of the tablet and other than the usual long waits for ads, things seemed normal.

Today, I had a great beginning with short ads and short waits but it went downhill. Once in a while, clicking on the ad tab resulted in a black screen. This black screen is unresponsive and RR3 is restarted.

So what was that download about, anyway?

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Dutch Leonard Dutch Leonard 15 April

How Did I get the IDR?

I have no blog posts about doing Circuit Breaker the first time around. I can't find any receipts about buying a car, but a few about VIPing some cars and my IDR is VIP'd and fully upgraded.

I can't get past 7.3, place second and don't skid or go off track, Ahmed is just too far away and his lap times are not going down and mine are stagnant.

I can't imagine not talking about this the first time around, but here we are. I must have done a skip or two to get the car.

Well, I ain't doing no skips now, so Round 7 will be another round I do not complete.

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Dutch Leonard Dutch Leonard 12 April

Is The Nightmare Over?

I haven't had a single Evony, Clockmaker, Galaxiga or any other type of 30 second or multi page ad. At the start, I had no delays at all and banged out 15 gold in 45 minutes. It looks like I might get to 20 gold in under 4 hours. Many local, short and sweet ads and a new one I'd never seen before: Super Low Bag Riders. I actually watched the whole thing and wanted to learn more. I'd seen people who could adjust their suspension for the track and then reset it for the highway. If I'm ever restored to health, driving for pleasure again is one of my dreams.

Kudos if EA has banished those horrible ads, it's a BIG help. I put some stars back in my Google Play review and said why.

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X44GamerZ X44GamerZ 11 April


We're no strangers to love

You know the rules and so do I

A full commitment's what I'm thinking of

You wouldn't get this from any other guy

I just wanna tell you how I'm feeling

Gotta make you understand

Never gonna give you up

Never gonna let you down

Never gonna run around and desert you

Never gonna make you cry

Never gonna say goodbye

Never gonna tell a lie and hurt you

We've known each other for so long

Your heart's been aching but you're too shy to say it

Inside we both know what's been going on

We know the game and we're gonna play it

And if you ask me how I'm feeling

Don't tell me you're too blind to see

Never gonna give you up

Never gonna let you down

Never gonna run around and desert you

Never gonna make you cry

Never gonna say goodbye

Never gonna tell …

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Dutch Leonard Dutch Leonard 11 April

Continuing Ads Travail

I started doing ads around 6 am. It would start promisingly, like five ads would come pretty fast and then slow down, then they'd just stop.

I must have done 10 Advertising ID resets. I cleaned the memory almost every time as well, although if I had more than 4 Gig available, I didn't bother.

I managed to finally finish all the ads during the Indy Car race at Long Beach. Simon Pagenaud ended up in the flowers!

Then, I thought I'd try an uninstall/reinstall. Even though I had already done it, but since so many people were saying this fixed it for them. And now my internet is fast. It didn't take forever to do and now I dread the updates less. Maybe I'd even download a version where the cars go fast.

Stage 3 of Circuit Breaker went well. …

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Darryl Cee Darryl Cee 10 April

My experiences as I’m progressing in Real Racing 3 “We enjoy Competing”

Time for me to level up most players believe that leveling up is aclear indicator of the level of your commitment in the game.

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Dutch Leonard Dutch Leonard 9 April

Fibre Optic Internet

The technicians came Thursday and installed my fibre optic internet. They drilled a little hole in my wall and brought the line inside and I got a little white box that the phone line and my router was connected to. The internet went from under 6 mbs download to 220 mbs download. So far, I have noticed the cloud saves are instantaneous. But ads are still experiencing long delays.

I took care of Fame Day first thing, around 5 am, so my battery gave out a lot sooner in the day. I only had 4 gold to go at 4:30 in the afternoon and the tabs just stopped coming. I restarted the tablet, cleaned the memory and slowly got the final golds.

I had forgot how annoying Circuit Breaker was. Why are we zooming around a cluttered course? Faster inte…

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LamboCoin Cars LamboCoin Cars 4 April

more tests

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Dutch Leonard Dutch Leonard 2 April


April 1 was a chemo day, so I got a few ads done before I had to rush off to my appointments. My infusion takes around four hours, but they added a bag of fluids because they didn't like the looks of my kidneys, so almost another hour got tacked on.

When I got home I took a stab at 5.1 with the Jesko until it needed servicing. Then I went back to doing ads.

In the evening, I grabbed a 2 hour servicing and returned to the grim task of average speed combined with murder bots. And maybe ten more tries and the rest of the stages were five tries at most and I got it done and was able to complete the Winner Takes All series before the free servicing ran out.

Then I finished up getting my 20 gold from the ads. So it was a pretty good day, from o…

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Dutch Leonard Dutch Leonard 31 March


I suffered through the uninstall/reinstall and downloading all assets (walk away from the tablet for a couple of hours until it's done). The ads still come slowly or not at all. I have been committed to doing this chore to get every bit of gold I can and am very frustrated that my gold income is going to be reduced. I've decided when my Google Play balance is gone, I won't be replenishing it. I think the game is probably in it's twilight anyway, it's time to start letting go. I think I'll spend my gold down doing series completions. I completed Formula E season 4, maybe next week I'll do Season 5.

I don't think I'm going to be able to win the Jesko.

Yesterday, I got 15 gold from ads, and didn't bother trying to run them after that beca…

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Dutch Leonard Dutch Leonard 29 March


I was able to update without waiting forever for downloads for a change. I was kind of surprised I didn't have to spend one or two hours downloading all assests, it was like there wasn't that much to get this time.

I decided to start the Jesko event late, to take advantage of the free servicing after midnight.

For stage 2, we go to Red Bull Ring. I enjoy driving at Red Bull Ring. But fuel is so expensive, blah blah, here's a Honda S2000 rental.

Boy, if I don't get to drive the car I'm trying to win and use that instant servicing, that would be a new low in nastiness and annoyance from Fire Monkeys.

But thankfully, they did not do that.

But ads didn't go this morning and on Facebook Paulo told us this issue can be fixed by uninstall/reinstall…

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LamboCoin Cars LamboCoin Cars 15 March

Bans and Suspensions

I won't lie in the fact that bans seem to be becoming a more popular topic lately. And with more messages popping up, I thought to make this. I really shouldn't have to, but it's here.

  • 1 Info
    • 1.1 Livery Reports
  • 2 Suspension Codes

Suspensions are dished out when a user is reported via the GameChanger team or FM finds that such player has violated the rules. Suspensions last from a week up to a year, with harder penalties for those who have made worse decisions with their game. However, ban codes seem to be inconsistent, as well as the penalty system itself. After all, it is a nine year old mobile game so this system is old! RR Next, please be more consistent.

Source for information:…

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Dutch Leonard Dutch Leonard 27 February


I spent some time putting the flag of Ukraine on some fully upgraded cars.

I have been spending less time playing. Maybe wean myself off eventually. Jan is gone. ME7 is mostly gone.

And now Naomi Tang? Aw, I will really miss those videos.

We still have Speedmaster and there's some new ones doing good stuff.

I managed to get the new BMW. I fully upgraded it and then managed to pass the last two stages of annoyance and aggravation. So many tries with just all 3's. Only three or four with FU.

I am at level 803. I have 88% career completion. I still haven't passed Inheritance 8.3. And that other one, with the cursed average speed at Suzuka. Don't think I've turned that one green even once.

I didn't miss one Fame Day in January!

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Koyote2915 Koyote2915 14 February

LIst of Cars that need to avoid

Hello, as you know, in this game, there are so many cars so some people buy useless cars or rubbish cars at a high cost.

So, I wanted to tell you avoid these cars if you are a newbie, and though if you are not a newbie, some of these cars can really hurt your GC balance.

Okay, Let's start!

In Amateur Group

Well, in fact, there are no gold cars and most of amateur cars are used in at least of 2 series. So there are NONE I think. let's move up to the Pro/am series.

In Pro/Am Group

okay, from Now on, tons of gold cars are appearing, so choose wisely.

  1. Chevorlet colvette

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Dutch Leonard Dutch Leonard 9 February


I saw on Facebook that 10.2 was out a week early. I decided I would not get it and concentrate on seeing if I could make it to 90% completetion before the next update.

But when I started the game last night, a download started. And failed and failed again. And when I was finally able to open the game, I had the update. I have always been updating from the Play store and didn't realize I had an "autoupdate" setting. Which is turned off now.

And now I'm at 86% again.

And who the heck asked for a Delete Account Button right next to the Cloud Save button?

There is still no flag of Finland.

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LamboCoin Cars LamboCoin Cars 7 February

How to Calculate Time Trial Participants

The Generic Formula is: (Your Global Position-Your Rank Position) divided by the percentage of the rank letter below yours. So say you're in C, you'd take the percentage of D, which is 10. For D you'd take 25, and so on.

Here's all of it:

Group A: Scrolling to the bottom of the Group A leaderboard is the easiest way. Since the generic formula does not work for A (it would equal 0), I am going to find another way to calculate A, especially for the early career TT's with thousands of players in A.
Group B: (Global position-Rank Position) / 5 (Group C %)
Group C: (Global position-Rank Position) / 10 (Group D %).
Group D: (Global position-Rank Position) / 25 (Group E %).
Group E: (Global position-Rank Position) / 50 (Group F %).
Group F: (Global position-Ra…

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TrulyDrunk TrulyDrunk 5 February

my motorsport record

Formula 1:

2019: 6/10 cars, 5 FUed

2020: 10/10 cars, 9/9 Tuning Setups, 3 TS FUed, 6 DL FUed, 2 TP FUed

2021: 9/10 cars, 9/9 Tuning Setups, 3 TS FUed, 2 DL FUed, 2 TP FUed

Formula E:

skipped all contents


QTT: 3 cars

2015: 1 car

2016: 1 car

2017: 1 car

2018: 3 cars

2019: 2 cars

2020: 3 cars, 2 Tuning Setups

2021: 2 cars, 2 Tuning Setups


2016: 0 car

2017: 3 cars

2018: 2 cars


2019: 6 cars

Euro Track Masters:

16-17: 2 cars


2020: 3 cars


2018: 4 cars

IMSA Prototypes:

2018: 3 cars

Endurance GT Racing:

1960s: 3 cars

1962: 2 cars

1989: 1 car

1998: 4 cars

2009 GT2: 2 cars

2012-2015: 4 cars

2016: 4 cars

2017: 2 cars

2018: 2 cars

2019: 4 cars

2020: 3 cars

2021: 1 car

Endurance Prototypes:

1970 Group 5: 1 car

1977 Group 6: 1 car

1979 Group 5: 1 car

1984 Group…

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Dutch Leonard Dutch Leonard 4 February

Austrian GP

This morning I found that the last stage has a free skip. Because "some people" have an impossible goal. Not everybody. Just some people. See? We don't all play the same game. Game changers get a more playable version so they can show us "how good they are" and when we can't duplicate their results, we spend more gold and real money. Game changers are Judas goats. There may be multiple versions. I have known for a long time that my default version is "car won't go".

I'll probably never reach that last goal, since I have not fully upgraded my driver. I got 13 speeds one time and now I not only can't get that many speeds, I can't place first. So now I have three unfinishable events. Inheritance from round 4 and Motorfiesta 2 and n…

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Dutch Leonard Dutch Leonard 25 January

Muh Ads!

After weeks of five second ads I could knock out in 1.5 hours or less, this morning when I started up, there was no ad tab.

Ok, so let's see what Stage 5 in Motorfiesta 2 is like. I did the things and got a couple of autoplay ads. When I was finished, there was still no ad tab. I tried clicking around, bringing up WTT leaderboards, going to the store. When I did get an ad, it was a 30 second ad. Bleh. I got a Tik Tok ad that was vertical format and opened the play store twice before it let me dismiss it. No, please not this again.

I reset the ad ID, restarted the tablet, tried to figure out how to "clear cache" but device care is different now after the last Android update.

It took me two hours to get 10 gold. Paulo posted on Facebook…

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LamboCoin Cars LamboCoin Cars 22 January

The Suzuka Curse

Suzuka is one of my favorite circuits in the world irl, but it also happens to be one of my weakest bogey tracks in the game, and as of January 2022, I now feel it's even worse than the infamous Red Bull Ring curse. None of my WTT's at Suzuka have been good ones, some much worse than others but never really good. I don't know exactly why I seem to be 5-9 tenths slower than usual around here, but it just seems to be everywhere that I cannot seem to maximize like the very top guys. Especially the hairpin, spoon, and the final corner. Sector 1 is ok but not great either.

On May 13th, 2022, ironically on a bad day irl, the Suzuka Curse finally came to a pause after 2.5 years, thanks to a good WTT with the MERCEDES-AMG C63S.

Here's a list of all …

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TheFlyingKiwi97 TheFlyingKiwi97 20 January

First Group A

This is the crazy story of my First Group A.

WTT- FERRARI F40 LM @Autodromo Nazionale Monza 11/1/22-18/1/22

I FUed my favourite car ever, the Ferrari F40 LM on a 30% sale that week. I pushed for hours and hours using instant servicing but just couldn't manage to break into that Group A category. I knew I wanted that A so badly. What is better than a Ferrari at Monza right? Especially when it was my favourite Ferrari, and a chance to get that elusive A. 15 minutes to go on Tuesday and I decided to give it one final push, I used some instant servicing from the VP rewards and started. 14 minutes of no improvement went on. I had 1 more run left before the WTT ended and I was just over a tenth away from A. I gave it my all, the WTT ended during m…

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Dutch Leonard Dutch Leonard 18 January

No Record of OMP participation

When I went to collect my 3 gold (should have been 4 gold) I got the message that there was no record of my participation.

So the thing about "next reward at 545 points" does not mean you have 3 gold with 500 points after driving endlessly around until you got tired of waiting for your results.

This week I had all the cars fully upgraded, took the one with the highest PR and won my race. So now I have my 4 gold for this week.

So next time when it takes a little too long for results and I have to force quit, I will know I need to try to race again, because no results means no race.

I still wonder about that guy at the finish line. Even if you only did that once a day, getting 100 points for "winning" would be a decent amount of points at the…

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Powerup777 Powerup777 15 January

Powerup777 ES Progress as of 15-Jan-2022

Note: Actual photos are huge. I will scale them down for easier viewing.

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Dutch Leonard Dutch Leonard 12 January

OMP Race Complete With No Result

After allowing my car (and watching the other cars, except for the stationary one) go around for two hours, I force stopped the game and went to bed.

In the morning, I see I have 500 points and 3 gold. Next reward at 545. The Renault is not in need of service like one might think after running laps at Leipzig for two hours.

In the RR3 discord, I looked again and it was another user who pinged the game changers on my behalf. Game Changers names are in red, and some of them had responded and mostly it was a discussion of how meager the rewards of doing OMP are. The one who had responded about how stupid it was to ping the game changers is most definitely not a Game Changer.

I was cheated out of what might have been 545 points and 4 gold. B…

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Dutch Leonard Dutch Leonard 11 January

Update 10.1

I updated this afternoon and went through the agony of downloading the downloads. I still haven't financially recovered from the sales from the last update, so I am not in a big hurry to do the Monaco event. Not a fan of Monaco.

So I did the WTT and only made Group E. With a fully upgraded car. I tried to do Inheritance 8.3 and still failed. This update is not feeling fast.

OMP was blacked out. I looked at the new series in Season 1 and ran a few races there. I got one to 25% completion and I have been knocked back to 87% career completion.

When I looked at OMP again, it was going and I raced the Renault Megane at Porsche Test Track. We had two laps and I think I placed second, so there was a good chance I got 4 gold. Then we kept dr…

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Koyote2915 Koyote2915 5 January

My Liveries collection

1. Pagani Zonda Cinque on PAGANI ZONDA F

2. Brian's Skyline Livery on Nissan GT-R GT1 (R35)

3. Apple RWB #89 Livery on AUDI R8 LMS ULTRA

4. BMW Safety Car in MotoGP on BMW 1 SERIES M COUPE

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Dutch Leonard Dutch Leonard 4 January

Happy New Year 2022

Still haven't passed Inheritance 8.3 and Generalissimo Francisco Franco is still dead.

I did finally get the VW GTI and maybe with the next Race Day event I'll get enough VP to collect all the rewards for this round. We shall see.

I am at level 790, I have 340 cars and I am at 89.94561% career completion.

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Dutch Leonard Dutch Leonard 30 December 2021

Bolide and Porsche 911 RSR

So I won the Bolide with 1444344. I finished the Unrivaled series in Season 1, but not without paying 110 gold for the engine to access the last tier. Always with that last tier that needs the car to be one or two steps shy of fully upgraded. It's the FireMonkey way.

I took advantage of the upgrades sale for the Porsche 911 RSR (2015) and sure enough, at that last tier, I had to pay 126 gold for an upgrade to reach the required PR.

So my gold balance that had been hovering around 10k is down to 8285. Did I at least reach 90% career completion with completing those two series?

16322 of 18201 events raced = 0.89676391407 or 89.67639%.

So, no it does not appear that I will reach 90% again before the next update. Or maybe ever again.

I have 33…

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Dutch Leonard Dutch Leonard 29 December 2021

Bolide Brake Check

I did dodging dead cars with Tilt B but switched back to Tilt A for three laps under 120 with some minor corner cutting. All these guys who can rocket across grass with no upgrades. My grass is glue and my walls at Mount Panorama are velcro. So I have to upgrade and drive cleanly.

On to Nurburgring. I know there's some umlauts or accents in there. In Duolingo I get scolded if I forget them but it doesn't count as a mistake.

I went crazy upgrading while trying to do the average speed with leaky fuel tank. So much gold. Everything but engine. I guess I might be able to complete the series if by some miracle I win the car.

I spent quite a bit of time on the draft for 15000 Roman Cubits. The slightest touch of another car counts as dam…

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Dutch Leonard Dutch Leonard 28 December 2021

Bolide Stage 3.1

I decided to try copying the big boys and did not do any upgrades on my Bolide. I started the event very late in the evening and was able to take advantage of the instant servicing and complete Stage 1 and 2.

When I went to do the dreaded average speed event, I did the turn around and go backwards to thte top of the mountain. I made an average speed of 155 mph and figured I could only get better.

Well, I didn't. I often met the other race cars at the top of the mountain, sometimes head on and I never once came anywhere close to 162 mph average speed. So I started doing upgrades. With all 1's. I could not reach the average speed with doing the turnaround and doing all the cuts and the wall rubs. I used a 2 hour instant service from Ro…

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Dutch Leonard Dutch Leonard 25 December 2021

Merry Christmas 2021

I got a cool screen cleaner thingy from my cousin. So I used it on my tablet. I hoped it would take care of the disappearing accelerator. It does not. So I don't have a good feeling about the Bolide event. It will be another big gold suck and unless I do a bunch of skips, then I won't get the car.

I still have not passed Inheritance 8.3.

In this update, I do not think I have made it into Group C at all. I had thought I was finally starting to get good. But now I can't get into Group D.

I started my farming with the 2019 F1 cars, trying to do that endless endurance everyone raves about. I did all the cuts, I drove like a bat out of heck. By lap 5, there were no cars and I didn't even get to 20 miles. So back to farming at Monza and a…

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Dutch Leonard Dutch Leonard 17 December 2021

Inheritance 8.3 is my While Whale

Every time I think I'm starting to get good at this game, I find out I am just not that good and will never be that good and it's probably not my fault if my tablet simply won't respond to my inputs for braking and especially acceleration.

I'm still doing a few tries at 8.3 every night, sometimes just one, sometimes until the car needs service. Since I don't have records back that far, I don't know how I did with Inheritance before. According to the Wiki, Inheritance was in V6.2 in March 2018. Probably I went as far as I could with it, maybe with just R$ or all 3's and gave up when I couldn't pass whatever. Then in V7.1 there was a Championship and I probably obtained the car then and fully upgraded when there was a sale on upgrades.


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Dutch Leonard Dutch Leonard 6 December 2021

Inheritance 8.3 for the last time

Just to be clear, I own this car and it is not VIP'd, so I did not buy it with real money. It is fully upgraded, likely during the original event, so I was able to complete it. I think it's really odd that I cannot now pass 8.3 when obviously I did before. Perhaps in the next update, if they remove whatever extra slipperyness they have given the cars.

A little while back I noticed an offer in Google Play to download some apps "just for one day" to get 5 Play Points for each one. They were a Harry Potter game, a Marvel Character game, the Calm app, Pokemon Go and Twitch. That's freaking 25 points, and when I get 100 points, I can get a dollar of real money credit in the Google Play store. Every time I buy a 7 Day Gold Card, I get like …

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Dutch Leonard Dutch Leonard 30 November 2021

Ads ads ads

Been stuck on stage Inheritance 7.2 for a couple of days. I was within a second of the time on my first attempt and everything I've tried to get better has resulted in longer times. Cuts didn't help, the grass is like glue and I was five seconds over on my last attempt. The bots are getting faster, so maybe I will struggle to place second before I ever succeed.

When I went to run ads to service the car, the "reduce by 30%" button did not respond to me.

The heck with it. I went to bed. I don't remember doing this event before and the car is fully upgraded and I hoped that meant it wouldn't be that hard, but when I struggled to make an average speed with Tilt B, then back to Tilt A I went. And come on - "place at least second and blah bl…

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Dutch Leonard Dutch Leonard 27 November 2021

Battery Issue Detected

I got a notice from my tablet about putting apps to sleep that drain the battery. I opened it and Real Racing 3 was there, with a notation about "frequent crashes" (talking about my driving or the app?) and the suggestion I put it to sleep.

Like when you have your beloved pet at the veterinarian and he says it is suffering and you need to let it go. Well, no. The tablet's job is to play this game and it will do it until I snap and put a hole in my drywall with it.

But yes about the frequent crashes. Doing the daily ad grind is quite the chore now and it is crashing frequently but I don't seem to be cheated out of rewards in these crashes. The ads tend to be long and it seems like I need to either restart the app to keep ads coming or re…

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Dutch Leonard Dutch Leonard 24 November 2021

Mystery of the Disappearing Accelerator

I might have finished the Japan GP in a little over an hour, if it weren't for having to repeat goals because of the disappearing accelerator.

I tried using Tilt A at one point, but I hate it for these 2021 cars with all the skidding. So I would restart the tablet, clean the screen, used the screen upside down from how I usally do and recalibrated a few times. I went offline, hoping that might help. I finished with a few minutes of instant service left. I ran some Abu Dabi races with the cars I have now and still would lose accelerator.

So today, I tried restarting and using the device care optimizing thing in settings. I ran a few endurance races with Kimi and with Max. While I don't think there's any danger of doing an endless endura…

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Dutch Leonard Dutch Leonard 23 November 2021

Update 10.0 Notes

I didn't have to reset my advertiser i.d. at all. Lately, it had been about every hour while collecting the 20 gold. Did not care for the longish ads, one of which seems to get stuck for a while with 26 seconds to go. And many of them "accidentally" open the google play store, but at least it doesn't crash RR3 when it does.

It looks like the fonts are fixed and I think the shadow on the distance indicator of the nearest guy looks neat.

I thought about starting the Japan GP last night but as I watched Speedmaster's video and did not see instant service or upgrading, I decided to hold off. He might have done all his upgrades and then set it aside, because Jan Real's video showed instant service and upgrades right off the bat and he did up…

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Dutch Leonard Dutch Leonard 8 November 2021

2021 Belgian Grand Prix 5.3, 5.4 and 5.5

I ran some ads to service the 2021 Red Bull Race Car and went off line to finish. I guess I'm tired because I already told about completing 5.3 in the last post. I'm also a little sad, since Martin Truex Jr did not win the 2021 Championship, although it's nice for Kyle Larson that he did. I think he is pretty classy.

So for 5.4, you have to "finish in time" and pass two guys. I failed the first time because of skidding and only placed second, but within the time. The second time I did not skid and the stage ended as soon as I reached first. I decided to stick with Tilt A, so there would not be any disappearing accelerator shenanigans.

For 5.5, you can't be overtaken once you reach first. Still Tilt A, took a commanding lead on the fir…

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Dutch Leonard Dutch Leonard 8 November 2021

2021 Belgian Grand Prix 5.3 Part 2

I did a session this morning ( after taking care of Fame Day) and even tried using Tilt A. I had several DNF, and at least one finish in last place with all the drafting behind Schumacher.

I did a session this afternoon, Tilt B, low brakes and steering, sensitivity 0. I got two thirds, but only got around 2000 Roman Cubits of drafting. Lots of DNF, someone touched me or I went over 306 kph. I tried switching to mph, to watch for 190 mph. I did some farming with 2021 Championship, and 2020 Invitational. The accelerator started disappearing on Eau Rouge. I'd be in first and then suddenly 9 guys would pass me. So back to Tilt A. Then I did some endurance racing with the Corvette and Ferrari and got that series nearly complete except f…

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