Compete in this Time Trial Competition to earn Gold prizes!
— In-game description.

BMW 3.0 CSL Hommage R is a Time Trial Competition accessible through the WELCOME TO REAL RACING tab. In the series, players are able to participate in 1 event, separated by 1 tier. It was added with the Le Mans & Formula E Update (v8.5), starts June 9th 2020, and has a 9-day time limit.

The BMW 3.0 CSL HOMMAGE R has been added to the German Grand Tour bonus series in the Master group.

Quote Natalia
You have been lent a BMW 3.0 CSL Hommage R.

VIP, and any upgrades or customizations will remain on the car permanently.
— Natalia, Agent

Completion Rewards

Set a valid time to rank on the Competition Leaderboard - win Gold when the Competition ends!
— In-game description.
Rank Percentage Reward
A Top 0.1% 100 Curr.Gold.New.80x80.Shifted
B Top 1% 50 Curr.Gold.New.80x80.Shifted
C Top 5% 25 Curr.Gold.New.80x80.Shifted
D Top 10% 15 Curr.Gold.New.80x80.Shifted
E Top 25% 10 Curr.Gold.New.80x80.Shifted
F Top 50% 8 Curr.Gold.New.80x80.Shifted
G Top 75% 5 Curr.Gold.New.80x80.Shifted
H Top 100% 3 Curr.Gold.New.80x80.Shifted

Completion of one TT race event results in instant reward of the following special livery.

You have just earned a livery
Rewards BMW 3.0 CSL HOMMAGE R livery
— In-game description


Brand Name PR Top Speed Acc. Braking Grip Cost
Manufacturer BMW 3.0 CSL HOMMAGE R 50.5 190 mph
306 kph
3.50 s 95.0 ft
29.0 m
1.26 g GCurr.Gold.New.80x80.Shifted550


Index Tier Event Location Laps
1.1 BMW Pride Celebration
Time Trial
Event Time TrialTime Trial Mazda Raceway Laguna Seca 1
1,650 290


BMW Pride Celebration Time Trial Competition
Same format as the WTTT Leaderboard except for ...

  • Because I've used the existing WTTT Leaderboard templates the number of days doesn't match SO I've specified dates with gaps. Enter the group time and participation in the column which has a date >= the actual date   e.g. on 10th and 11th Jun enter the details in the 11-Jun column, on 12th Jun use the next column. I hope that makes sense!

Any questions or problems, send Nick a message.

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